This Raygun Tracer Pack is what Warzone & Black Ops Cold War needs

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone Raygun Tracer Pack

Call of Duty fans want a Raygun Tracer Pack for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, with one Reddit user even creating a mock-up of the bundle and its contents.

With all the hype now building up towards the new season for Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, some can’t contain their excitement and have offered their creative abilities to develop some fun content.

Season 4 should be a big one for Zombies fans, with a new survival map incoming, as well as the second part of the Outbreak easter egg. However, this interesting Tracer Pack may intrigue their interest in the multiplayer modes if it was ever to be released.

Raygun Tracer Pack Warzone Black Ops Cold War

The Raygun has been a staple of the Call of Duty: Zombies mode since its release with World at War back in 2008. The Raygun was the first “Wonder Weapon” to appear in-game for the Zombies mode and would remain one of the most loved and sought-after weapons even to this day.

The Raygun has mainly only been seen in Zombies. However, back in World at War, players could get the weapon in a campaign mission called “Little Resistance.”

Cold War & Warzone Raygun Tracer Pack

Reddit user rizeofjoseph posted the mock-up with the caption “I made a mock-up of what I think we deserve,” suggesting the players and fans deserve this Zombies crossover into Cold War and Warzone.

The mock-up features five items: the Raygun Mastercraft pistol skin, a Monkey Bomb charm, a Raygun emblem, a Pack a Punch sticker, and a Raygun blueprint calling card.

The description of the bundle reads: “blast away the living and the dead with the Tracer Pack: Raygun Mastercraft Bundle. Note: The included blueprint features the Raygun Green Tracers and Raygun Laser Dismemberment Effect.”

This would be incredible to see in Warzone, having a pistol look like the Raygun while also dismembering enemy limbs with the green Raygun tracer effect, just like in Zombies. One fan commented underneath the post stating, “bruh I almost booted the game to buy it,” showing demand for something like this in Warzone and Cold War.

Some players even stated that the bundle should be 2,400 COD Points with some extra items and that they would definitely spend the points to get this Raygun Tracer Pack. Although this isn’t official, hopefully, the developers can see the potential and drop some similar content in the future.

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Image Credits: rizeofjoseph/Activision /Raven Software /Treyarch

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