Secret Cold War Zombies Pack-a-Punch change makes weapon camos customizable

Cold War Zombies Firebase Z pack-a-punch machine

Thanks to a secret change in the Black Ops Cold War Season 5 update, Zombies players can now keep their own weapon camos and Blueprints after using the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Since Gunsmith Customs was added to Black Ops Cold War, you can take your own custom weapon and Blueprint into Zombies. Even if you get a weapon from the wall or Mystery Box, you can simply open up the menus and select your ideal attachments and camo.

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However, Pack-a-Punching removes your own camo and applies the Pack-a-Punch design. But with a secret quality of life change in Cold War Season 5, you can now choose to keep your own camo before Pack-a-Punching.

Disciple enemy in Cold War Outbreak

A ton of new Zombies content is arriving in Cold War Season 5, such as Grappling Hooks in Outbreak, as well as the new Death Perception Perk and Telsa Storm Field Upgrade. But one exciting change concerning the Pack-a-Punch went under the radar.

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Although Season 5 isn’t live yet, the update is now live for Cold War. Kevin Drew, Treyarch’s Lead Game Designer who’s in charge of Zombie systems and Outbreak, revealed the secret change to the Pack-a-Punch.

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How to change Pack-a-Punch camos in Cold War Zombies

Drew tweeted on August 11 that “For those who don’t want Pack-a-Punch camo applied to their Blueprint weapon or prefer a specific Pack-a-Punch tier camo try punching the machine before packing after the update goes live.”

So, if you physically punch the Pack-a-Punch machine, you’ll get to keep your own Custom Blueprint camo. He also confirmed that you can choose a specific Pack-a-Punch tier camo by punching it too.

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There is no confirmation on how many times you have to hit the machine to get whatever camo you want, but Zombies players will be quick to figure it out.

If you want to do this in-game, we’ve got guides on where to find the Pack-a-Punch machines in Die Maschine, Firebase Z, Mauer Der Toten, and Outbreak.

Image Credit: Treyarch