Mind-melting glitch turns Cold War into Lord of the Rings

cod black ops cold war sauron

Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty game has already featured some astonishing texture bugs and glitches. The newest error in the system has turned one player’s game into a scene straight out of Lord of the Rings.

Who doesn’t love a weird glitch that lets you see something you shouldn’t? Well, Black Ops Cold War has demonstrated more than enough examples of this since its release, treating various players to an array of unusual occurrences.

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So far throughout the course of Season 1 and Season 2, CoD players have been able to control the weather, play Outbreak sideways, make it even more terrifying, and also get the rare opportunity to see what a Call of Duty version of Rainbow Road could resemble.

cod cold war satellite

But the newest glitch is one of the most disturbing ones to this point as it can also physically affect gamers if they’re unlucky enough.

Reddit user Supfrezze posted an image to the Official Black Ops Cold War subreddit as their game became severely warped as a result of the mysterious bug.

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Given the outlines of the rocks on the sides and the openness of the area, it appears that the player’s game of Satellite got seriously out of control. It’s as if someone took out their mobile phone and applied a special Lord of the Rings filter to the gameplay.

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The central part of the image is dominated by an ominous-looking eye that is very reminiscent of the eye of Lord Sauron from the blockbuster franchise.

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The amusing nature of the spectacle lessens when the replies to the sight actually make a good point about the potentially harmful effects.

Our original poster added their thoughts to the bug saying, “It’s even worse to play. I’m not epileptic and my eyes are hurting. Imagine how this is for an epileptic person, this is some serious stuff right here!”

The alarming thing about these kinds of glitches is that it’s not always clear and obvious what triggers them. Treyarch will hopefully be made aware of this possibility and have it looked at.

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Image Credits: Activision / Warner Bros