Insane rocket-powered AK-47 blueprint found in Black Ops Cold War leak

Andrew Highton

BOCW and Warzone look set to introduce a unique and interactive AK-47 rocket blueprint. Black Ops Cold War continues CoD’s history of customization innovation, and this might just be the next big thing.

The early days of CoD look so primitive by today’s standards as there’s almost nothing you can’t customize now. It used to be a case of working towards cool camos and unlocking new weapons and perks. But now it’s reticules, skins, dangling accessories, calling cards, and so much more. 

Blueprints are one of the newer features to come to Call of Duty, and Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are pushing these special, dynamic skins. The AK-47 appears to have its own awesome blueprint turning this powerful Assault Rifle into an absolute rocket, literally.

ak-47 in cod black ops cold war

BOCW & Warzone AK-47 blueprint

Traditional skins and blueprints usually entail a mixture of colors and creative design to produce a really cool skin to make your gun stand out. But as technology progresses, so do Call of Duty’s blueprints.

A new video shows off a player standing in a corridor aiming down the iron sight of the AK-47. They swiftly stop aiming and we get a full view of the gun. The top part of the AK-47 has a long body that looks suspiciously like the main part of a rocket. 

There are some notable fins protruding from the main body of the rocket’s shell, and then you have the finishing touch to the whole blueprint. The very back of the gun has four, fully-powered engines blasting away.

The full production is complete when you reload the AK-47 as the rockets engage and fire a stream of hot flames from each engine. The animation finishes with an amusing touch as the intensity of the rockets’ fire clearly shows your avatar desperately holding onto the gun as to not let it take off out of your hands.

To see the blueprint in action, check out this video from Twitter user vem3gter.

If this is the way that blueprints are heading in Warzone, and possibly Black Ops Cold War, then that’s alright by us. Killcams and Best Plays are about to look a whole lot cooler, even if these blueprints probably won’t be cheap.

It remains to be seen as to when we can expect this skin to be added to either game, but we’re sure there will be a queue of people waiting to get their hands on this.

Image credits: Treyarch, Infinity Ward