How to unlock the MAC-10 SMG in Black Ops Cold War Season 2

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cod bcow warzone season 2 mac-10

Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 2 is now in full effect. This means that lots of Season 1’s content is unavailable, however, the MAC-10 can still be unlocked. Follow this simple guide to find out how.

The long-awaited Season 2 is here for Black Ops Cold War & Warzone. Each game has had its content expanded upon to appease loyal CoD fans. Black Ops Cold War welcomes bonus maps & game-changing tracking systems amongst many other things and older content makes way.

There is also a new Battle Pass, with another 100 Tiers of cool goodies and cosmetics for players to feast on. But the arrival of the new Battle Pass means that the Season 1 Battle Pass is no more. This has left lots of newcomers worried that the MAC-10 is no longer attainable for use.

Thankfully this is not the case as Treyarch has provided players with the opportunity to earn the MAC-10 if they haven’t done so already.

Here’s how to unlock the MAC-10 to use in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer and Warzone.

cod bocw season 2 mac-10 blueprint

How to unlock the MAC-10 in Season 2

With the Season 1 Battle Pass, players had the simple task of reaching Tier 15 and netting themselves the gun for free. Now that the pass has gone, it’s still relatively simple to obtain, but it just requires you to jump through a couple of more hoops.

In order to unlock it, Black Ops Cold War players need to kill 2 or more players rapidly, using SMGs, in 15 different matches.

Even though the word “rapid” is quite vague in this context, as long as you drill a few holes in two opponents within about 3-5 seconds, we would think that would suffice. Once you’ve done that in 15 separate matches and completed the match, then you should have the MAC-10.

cod bocw warzone season 2 mac-10

The MAC-10 has an extremely high rate of fire – the highest in its class – and takes a bit of taming to become proficient with it. The quick-fire nature of its fire rate makes it very easier to drain ammo clips and make the gun ascend very quickly.

Once you’ve leveled it up sufficiently, then you should be able to slap a few attachments on it to control the vertical recoil.

Furthermore, unlocking it in Black Ops Cold War will also allow you to use it in Warzone as part of the dual-game integration they both share. The gun proved to be exceedingly popular in Season 1, so much so that it had to be nerfed. The gun is still an absolute monster to use, and the right loadout makes it a viable option to tear up lobbies.

Image credits: Treyarch

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