How to unlock Sledgehammer melee weapon in Black Ops Cold War Season 1

Andrew Highton

Tired of only taking down your opponents with a gun? Then find out how to unlock the Sledgehammer in BOCW Season 1 and smash your enemies into oblivion.

It feels like Treyarch’s latest shooter is officially underway now as Black Ops Cold War feels a lot more full in terms of its map options and expanded inventory. Season One has made sure to add a whole host of fun new stuff for players to use, and they’ve tried to hammer home that point.

It’s certainly satisfying to quickly pile up the bodies with a beastly Assault Rifle and show the other team who’s boss. But sometimes it can also be fun to use something slightly more unconventional.

woods in cod bocw

Unlock the Sledgehammer in BOCW Season 1

The delayed arrival of Season 1 is all but forgotten now as we have a huge range of stuff added to Black Ops Cold War. This includes new maps such as Raid and The Pines, new modes like Gunfight, and much more.

But new weapons are also on the menu with the Groza and the unstoppable Mac-10 becoming the most recent additions. These will naturally take the headlines as the main weapons to try and unlock. But another one lies hidden in the grass and it could potentially change the melee meta in the game.

We are of course talking about the bludgeoning tool that is the sledgehammer. But the conditions to unlock it don’t come as easy as one may have hoped. To be able to wrap your two hands around this hulking beauty, this is what you’ll need to do.

“Using the Combat Knife, kill two or more players rapidly using the combat knife in 15 different matches.”

combat knife in cod bocw

Once this has been successfully completed, the Sledgehammer should now have found a new home in your inventory. You can find it under “Melee” in the different categories of weapons and you’ll also get 1,000XP for completing this too.

Image credits: Treyarch

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