How to complete the Dragon Easter Egg in Cold War’s Outbreak Mode

Andrew Highton
cod bocw outbreak zombies

Following in the footsteps of previous CoD Zombies modes, Black Ops Cold War’s brand new Outbreak variation includes a nostalgic Dragon Easter Egg: follow this easy guide to see it for yourself.

The Call of Duty franchise has a long history when it comes to sticking hidden Easter Eggs out in the open. Nuketown has a memorable Easter Egg, Warzone has its own Easter Eggs, and Black Ops Cold War’s newest Zombies maps – Die Maschine and Firebase Z – contains easier Easter Eggs in the form of Dancing Coffin carriers and hidden cutscenes.

Treyarch has now attempted to rebuild Zombies into a different entity altogether with the impressive new Outbreak mode. Venturing into open-world territory, Outbreak combines Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam mode and Warzone with Zombies. Whilst the feel of it is very different, it retains some familiarity by having a cool Easter Egg – albeit an obvious mini-one.

cod bocw outbreak zombies gameplay

Outbreak Dragon Easter Egg in Black Ops Cold War

To say this one isn’t anywhere near as convoluted as previous Easter Eggs would be an understatement. Previous CoD Easter Eggs generally requires a complex series of steps and precise instructions to fulfill, whereas Outbreak’s is far simpler.

Here’s how you can do the Easter Egg yourself:

  1. Start a game of Outbreak
  2. When the game officially starts, open your map
  3. Look for the Dragon symbol that closely resembles the Mortal Kombat logo
  4. Go to it and pay 500 points to trigger the machine
  5. You now need to kill Zombies once they enter the purple ring that has now appeared
  6. Keep doing this until you’ve done it enough times to fill the canisters
  7. The Dragon will take off into the sky and reward you with a rare loot chest
cod bocw outbreak chest

For those who haven’t picked up on the reference, the Easter Egg seems to be a throwback to the Dragon enemies that featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

For the time being, this side mission/Easter Egg will have to suffice as the devs have confirmed that the game mode’s main Easter Egg will be added to Outbreak mode in Black Ops Cold War with Season 3.

This smaller, easier one is repeatable and handsomely benefits those who complete it. You can imagine that with enough development time and effort, the main Easter Egg will be worth the wait.

Image credits: Treyarch

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