How to complete Forsaken Main Quest Easter Egg in Cold War Zombies

Andrew Highton

Forsaken’s Main Quester Easter Egg is now live in Black Ops Cold War. We’ve put together this, complete, in-depth guide to help you become the ruler of Zombies.

It’s that time when you need to strap yourself in and prepare for a lengthy and convoluted guide as Black Ops Cold War Season 6’s new Forsaken Zombies map has launched its Main Quest Easter Egg.

With the new Chrysalax Wonder Weapon and PhD Slider Perk on your side, the final Zombies map for Cold War has plenty of content to offer, and the Easter Egg is going to take plenty of work!

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Black Ops Cold War Forsaken Easter Egg guide

cold operator fighting off zombies with chrysalax

Just like Mauer der Toten, Outbreak, and Firebase Z, the main Easter Egg takes time and patience to pull off in Cold War.

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Given that this is the last one before the Dark Aether Zombies story continues in Call of Duty: Vanguard, Treyarch has signed off Cold War with a bang.

1. End the Lockdown, get the Chrysalax, collect the Fuel Tank & destroy Aether Crystals

processing tank in forsaken map
  1. First thing’s first, you need to turn on the power by ending the lockdown – we have a full guide on turning the power on in Forsaken
  2. You now need to get the Chrysalax, we also have a guide to get the Chrysalax, and once you’ve done that, head to the Observation Tower
  3. In the room with a Mystery Box location there is a button on the wall next to the windows with metal shutters, press it
  4. Watch/skip the cutscene and then head to ‘Fuel Processing,’ in here will be a pipe with a control panel on it that asks you to ‘Activate’ the Processing Tank (youneed to activate one box per player in the game)
  5. You’ll now go into lockdown, and once you complete it, you can pick up the ‘Fuel Tank’ item that falls from the ceiling
  6. Three big, Aether Crystals will now appear around the Forsaken map:
    • Storage Zone 5 – Rooftops
    • The Amplifier
    • Staging Area
  7. For each of them, you need to use the Chrysalax’s gun function and shoot the protective orbs floating around the crystal, then smash it with the axe form
  8. In each scenario, pick up a ‘Crystal Shard’ that it drops, and wait for the spawned Abomination to open its mouth for you to throw the Crystal Shard into
  9. The Abomination’s tail should turn red, allowing you to kill it and collect the newly-created ‘Catalyzed Crystal Shard’ – do this for all three locations
  10. NOTE: For the Amplifier crystal, allow the Abomination to follow you all the way to the ‘Board Room,’ and get it to charge into the statue/pedastal in the corner of the room – collect the Housing Unit it drops

2. ARC-XD, TV Station & Assemble Aetherium Neutralizer

buying an ARC-XD in forsaken zombies
  1. Apply the ‘Dead Wire‘ mod to your gun, lure a Zombie to the ‘Arcade,’ and shoot one whilst it’s next to the ‘Grand Prix’ machine to turn it on
  2. Buy an ‘ARC-XD’ for 2,000 Points and drive it into the TV Station
  3. Drive behind the counter, very carefully, and wait for the pulse to knock the cover off the vent
  4. Make your way inside the vent and detonate the car next to the wall
  5. Once you’ve resumed control of your character, go to the TV Station and obtain the ‘Monitoring Device’ that is now visible thanks to the hole in the wall
  6. Head to the ‘Main Steet,’ go to the Workbench, and it’s time for you to ‘Assemble Aetherium Neutralizer’
  7. With the device in motion, follow it down the street and stay inside its protective area as you’ll take damage if you venture outside of it
  8. Fend off attacking Zombies and keep shooting red Aether Crystals to get more Catalyzed Crystal Shards – these will help to refuel the Neutralizer
  9. Reach the safe zone and this will be your final chance to get everything you need: Perks, Pack-A-Punch, crafting items such as the Kazimir Grenade, etc

3. The Forsaken boss fight

the forsaken boss fight in cold war
  1. Use the Chrysalax’s gun mode and shoot The Forsaken’s shoulders until the crystals break and its shield depletes
  2. Now kill Zombies near Samanatha Maxis until her ‘Maxis Essence Level’ is full, and then you’ll be able to place a fully-charged canister into one of the Laser Cannons
  3. Do your best to land shots on The Forsaken, using the cannon, until it loses power and goes offline again
  4. Repeat the canister-filling process, mount a Laser Cannon and unleash another barrage of fire at The Forsaken
  5. Once you get The Forsaken down to half health, you’ll eventually be transported to an almost empty void with a wall displaying art if Samantha Maxis and the words “No One Escapes Alive”
  6. You’ll then return to the fight, but this time you need to shoot the mid-section crystals to eradicate The Forsaken’s shield
  7. Again, you need to make sure you’re keeping Maxis filled, take the canister, jump back onto a Cannon, and get The Forsaken down to about 25% health
  8. The final bar of shield can be dealt with by shooting at The Forsaken’s head, and then it’s a case of filling the canister and using a Laser Cannon to take away the last slivers of health
  9. You will be automatically downed by the events happening around you, and you will then be shown the final cutscene

We hope you enjoyed our guide, and hopefully, it helps you with any bits you may be stuck on whilst completing the Cold War Forsaken map’s Main Quest Easter Egg.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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