How to turn on the power in Cold War Forsaken Zombies map

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Want to Pack-A-Punch your weapons and use the various machines around the Cold War Forsaken map in Zombies? Well, you’ll need to turn the power on, and this guide can run you through the process.

What was once a new and exciting concept for Zombies is now a foregone conclusion as turning on the power is vital to surviving in any Zombies map – especially Cold War’s Forsaken.

To be able to use helpful machines such as Pack-A-Punch, Perk machines like Death Perception, or the Wunderfizz vending machine, you’ll need to turn the power on.

How to Turn on the power in Cold War Zombies Forsaken map

first teleporter in forsaken's zombies map

There are a few steps to achieving your goal of turning the power on, so buckle in and let’s light up Forsaken!

Here’s how you can turn the power on in Cold War’s Forsaken map:

  1. Load a game of Forsaken up and wait until your character is allowed to move
  2. Immediately head to the teleporter indicated by the star objective marker and go through it
  3. Again, make your way to the next objective icon and purchase the ‘Locked Door’ guarding the zipline for 500 Points
  4. Head to either ‘Beach Pizza’ or ‘Diner’ and pay to unlock whichever one you have chosen
  5. Go inside, find the teleporter and enter it
  6. You should arrive on ‘Video Store Rooftop,’ buy the door immediately following the teleporter, and travel to the indicated teleporter
  7. To progress, you’ll need ‘4 Repair Parts,’ and these can be found using the four symbols on your map, in randomly generated placers in that marked area
  8. They consist of the following items:
    • Fryer Cage – Burger Town
    • Cathode-Ray Tube – TV Store
    • Circuit Board – Video Store 1F
    • Focusing Lens – Cinema
  9. Now, repair the teleporter, travel to the ‘Bunker Entrance,’ and buy the blue door highlighted by your objective
  10. You need to go to the next teleporter, but it will produce an ‘Abomination’ zombie, simply kill it and head on through the teleporter
  11. “Lift Lockdown,” per the objective, and the power should now be working
forsaken's lift lockdown objective prompt

This is undoubtedly one of the most complicated ways that Call of Duty has ever wanted a player to turn the power on before, but the rewards should inevitably be worth it.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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