How to build Klaus in Black Ops Cold War’s Mauer Der Toten Zombies

Andrew Highton
klaus robot in cold war zombies

Amongst all the chaos in Treyarch’s Mauer Der Toten Zombies map is a companion to build called Klaus. Find out what you need to do and where you’ll need to go to build him in Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded.

Amidst all the usual shenanigans that come with a Call of Duty Zombies map, there is plenty of other stuff for players to be doing in Season 4 Reloaded’s Mauer Der Toten.

Along with finding a way to get your hand on CRBR-S, or completing the map’s Easter Egg, Mauer Der Toten is a stellar addition to the game mode’s storied lineage. But one cool feature that players can do in Mauer Der Toten is assemble Klaus, and here’s how to do it.

Building Klaus in Cold War Mauer Der Toten

Klaus robot in cold war mauer der toten

Klaus is a mechanical mate that is more than happy to help if you can rebuild him and get his circuits working once more.

As with previous Call of Duty Zombies maps, this is one of those things that will require a few steps to do, and our quick guide will hopefully make it a lot easier.

  1. Head to the “Death Strip” area of the map, and find pile of junks
  2. Interact with them until the ‘Microwave Dish’ pops out, and pick it up
  3. Make sure you have the ‘Brain Rot’ mod equipped to your gun
  4. Head to “5th Floor Apartments” and go down the zipline to Hotel Room 305
  5. Brain Rot a Zombie, and let it smash through the wooden planks
  6. Pick up the ‘Robotic Hands’
  7. For the final part, you need to kill a ‘Krasny Soldat,’ and then pick up the ‘Battery’ it drops
  8. Make your way to the underground area of the map and go to the ‘Safe House’
  9. You should see Klaus sat on a chair, simply press to install his Robotic Hands and Battery
Mauer der toten overview

With Klaus now fully operational, you can now summon him to various parts of the map by finding radios and paying 2000 points.

More importantly, you need Klaus to complete the CRBR-S quest to get yourself a free Wonder Weapon – you can check out how to unlock the CRBR-S here with our complete guide.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch