Game-breaking Cold War Zombies glitch gives players unlimited everything

Andrew Highton
tombstone machine in cold war zombies

A consistent method has been found to glitch Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies and duplicate some of the game’s strongest items and ammo, for free.

Despite how popular CoD’s base multiplayer and Warzone is, Zombies will always be a big game mode amongst players. The thrill of essentially being in your own zombie movie never gets old, and players lap up all the Zombies content presented to them.

Treyarch has so far served the community quite well in Cold War with Die Maschine, Firebase Z, Mauer der Toten, and Outbreak. But these maps are susceptible to the odd glitch here and there, with Mauer der Toten featuring deadly teleporting and Outbreak’s notorious ‘Error Kills’.

Not all glitches are bad ones though, as a method has been discovered that allows players to duplicate some of Zombies’ best items and equipment.

How to duplicate unlimited items in Cold War Zombies

tombstone soda in cold war

The method for this glitch was originally found by YouTuber FreightTrainWTF, and it’s an effective glitch that works wonders.

To perform this unlimited item glitch, players can do this on any Zombies map, and it’ll just come down to personal preference. It also requires at least two players to carry out this glitch too.

Here’s how you can get unlimited quantities of everything in Cold War Zombies:

  1. Make sure one of you is equipped with the Healing Aura Field Upgrade at least to Tier 3, and the other has bought the Tombstone Perk
  2. The player with Tombstone equipped needs to get themselves downed in a closed-off, easy to manage location
  3. Once in shadow form, the player with Healing Aura needs to wait until the ‘Bleeding Out’ depletes and turns black, and then revive their partner
  4. Doing so will allow the downed player to recover, not die, and their Tombstone will be in the place they were downed
  5. Whatever was in your loadout at the time you were downed will be in the stash, only you can keep pressing on the Tombstone and it will keep replenshing your items
  6. This means you can get infinite ammo for a Wonder Weapon, obtain multiple Kazimir Grenades, and even replace Scorestreaks
  7. If you do die though, the glitch will cancel, and you will no longer be able to duplicate items from the same Tombstone stash

If you’d prefer to see a live video showing you how to accurately perform the method for yourself, YouTuber z CerealGlitchers has created a video explaining it.

Here’s the video in full:

It’s quite easy and straightforward to pull this off and will be incredibly useful in helping you to level up and generally have some fun!

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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