Frustrated Cold War players show disapproval of Outbreak trial in Zombies

Andrew Highton
cod cold war trial

A particularly troublesome trial is giving many players problems in Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak mode, with one frustrated player saying the Zombies trial “STINKS.”

Treyarch’s Outbreak creation has been well-received since its launch, with Call of Duty fans enjoying its different take on a well-loved mode. By increasing the scope of Zombies, Outbreak has managed to become a grander experience than that offered by Die Maschine or Firebase Z.

It provides all the usual hustle and bustle of regular Zombies such as Pack-A-Punch and fun Easter Eggs, but it also offers challenging trials to complete for cool rewards. However, one of the mode’s trials has been causing unrest amongst the community, who believe it takes away from the mode.

cod cold war outbreak zombies

To help players earn more points to increase their weapon strength and armor capabilities, Outbreak has several side activities. There’s the Dragon side quest, a good way to earn Wonder Weapons, and there are trials.

Trials can be bought and require the player to complete certain actions a specified amount of times. Trials range can be anything, including killing enemies in a certain way. The challenge that’s incited Outbreak players needs them to “Kill Zombies That Are unaware of Any Player’s presence.”

The reason this objective is so widely hated by younguncie and others is that it requires the player to have specific gear tailored towards the trial.

You don’t get to pick which trial you buy, and not only does it cost you points, but it also wastes a few minutes.

Although an exaggeration, the top comment said, “I swear, the zombies become aware of your presence if you breathe wrong.”

Another highly-rated comment said, “I stopped doing trials altogether, most of them are not worth it and time-consuming.”

Given that these can be a big part of an Outbreak playthrough, it’s possible that Treyarch will rework the conditions in order to make trials more satisfying for players.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch