Eagle-eyed Black Ops Cold War players spot a fan-favorite weapon has been teased

Andrew Highton
mg36 obscured on cold war rush map

As well as Cold War Season 4’s new Rush map providing players with the opportunity to engage in some classic CoD action, it also hints at the arrival of the MG36 LMG.

Season 4 Reloaded brought about the return of the paintball-themed Rush map, letting players take live firearms onto a colorful battlefield. Another class Black Ops II map, Rush was very popular back in the day, and the modernized version gives it a healthy lick of paint.

But not all players have spent their time trying to gun down the opposition, some have taken in the scenery, with some taking it in in great detail. One eagle-eyed player spotted a mini-shop in the map and it contained an MG36 LMG in a glass case.

players fighting on cold war hijacked map

The observation was made by a Reddit user named ShinyLotad22, and they presumably had a quick browse of the map to see if they could find anything out of the ordinary.

Near one of the map’s main spawn areas is a shop that leads directly into an indoor paintball arena, but the shop is where the gun can be located.

Lots of players argued in the comments section that if the displayed gun was a precursor of things to come, then the gun wouldn’t fit the time period.

“That’s weird, the G36 has been adopted during the ’90s?” one user said. But someone else chimed in saying: “You’re implying as if half the guns in this game fit the time period.”

It seems oddly specific to have this gun lying around in the gun case for no reason whatsoever, so it’s very possible we’ll see the MG36 arrive in Black Ops Cold War Season 5.

It would be interesting to see where it could end up ranking amongst Black Ops Cold War’s best guns too.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch