Crazy Black Ops Cold War Semtex glitch is making players fly

Andrew Highton

The sticky grenade in BOCW – the Semtex – is behaving irrationally thanks to a curious new glitch. Instead of becoming permanently attached to an enemy player, it is apparently capable of enabling flight too.

Everyone has wished that they could fly at some point and that wish is coming true for Black Ops Cold War players as they are doing their best to take flight in Treyarch‘s newest CoD game.

Whereas the Semtex’s normal purpose is to be launched at the enemy in the hope of sticking to them like a dartboard, its newest use has made it a possible alternative to the legendary act of rocket-jumping.

semtex grenade in cod bocw

BOCW Semtex glitch

There’s a subtle art to using a Semtex that is mostly overlooked. Most players will treat it as a normal grenade and throw it randomly into the battlefield in the hope of scoring a luck-based kill. But with precise aiming and understanding of its physics, the Semtex can be a controllable causer of chaos.

Whilst these words do ring true, they are simply not applicable to the bizarre video demonstrating the multi-purpose use of a Semtex grenade. E3zyy was just simply minding their own business and enjoying a leisurely game of Call of Duty when they decided to throw a couple of Semtex grenades across the Nuketown map.

After yeeting two consecutive grenades, our gamer is then treated as a third Semtex grenade and is launched over the roof of one of the map’s houses. After two-three seconds of doing their best impression of a bird flying south for the Winter, they are killed shortly before landing.

There’s absolutely no way that any enemy has had time to process this insane visual, so we have to believe the death is caused by one of the Semtex grenades they had thrown earlier – making this an unfortunate suicide.

Whether this is a new method of rocket-jumping – a popular method of firing a rocket into the ground to propel yourself up in arena shooters – we don’t know. But what’s for sure is that this is another case of a Black Ops Cold War glitch that will possibly need to be sorted quickly.

Image credits: Treyarch

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