Cold War Zombies Dead Wire Ammo Mod has been re-buffed & Ray Gun fix coming soon

Liam Mackay
Dead Wire Zombies

After Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Dead Wire Tier V Ammo Mod and Ray Gun ammo count were nerfed, Treyarch confirmed they are reverting these nerfs.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has arguably reignited the passion of the Zombies community. With two brand new maps, easter eggs to complete, and the open-world Outbreak experience, Zombies has been given a much-needed refresh. However, recent nerfs haven’t sat well with fans.

The Dead Wire Ammo Mod causes your bullets to deal electrical damage to foes, and upgrading it with Aetherium Crystals gives it some unique capabilities. When upgraded to Tier V, Dead Wire will cause electricity to jump between three enemies, stunning them.

After Dead Wire Tier V was nerfed, the Ammo Mod would no longer kill these stunned enemies, but Treyarch have confirmed that they will be reverting this nerf.

Dead Wire Mod BOCW zombies

The Zombies community pushed back against Dead Wire’s nerf, questioning if it was necessary to nerf weapons and items in a PvE mode. They also said that this change made the Ammo Mod “completely unusable” as it could no longer kill zombies.

In a tweet following Cold War’s Season 3 Reloaded update, Treyarch confirmed that they have re-buffed Dead Wire Tier V so it now kills any normal zombie it stuns.

This re-buff makes Dead Wire especially effective in the later rounds, where being able to take out three zombies in one shot every 30 seconds is extremely useful. The community has reacted positively to this news and is glad that Dead Wire is worth using again.

They have also confirmed a re-buff for the Ray Gun “soon.” The Ray Gun’s ammo count was reduced from 40 in the mag and 160 out, to 30/90. As the Ray Gun is a rare Wonder Weapon, Zombie fans were disappointed and confused why it was nerfed so significantly.

However, the Ray Gun will soon be reverted back to its original value, with the standard Ray Gun at 20/80 and Pack-a-Punched at 40/160.

These re-buffs come alongside significant improvements to the weapons in Zombies, especially Pack-a-Punched. The highly-anticipated Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg also officially launches on May 20.

Image Credit: Treyarch / Call of Duty Wiki

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