Cold War players want 12v12 to remain a permanent game mode

Liam Mackay
Cold War 12v12 Moshpit

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Reloaded expanded on the maps available in the 12v12 Moshpit, and players have been enjoying the chaos so much that they’re calling for it to remain a permanent mode in all CoD games going forward.

By nature, the close-quarters arena action of Call of Duty leads to some chaotic gameplay. However, with tighter skill-based matchmaking, a Tactical Nuke to earn, and a relatively fast time to kill, Cold War’s gameplay can sometimes be slower-paced.

Treyarch has managed to up the chaos by including the 12v12 Moshpit. With double the players on the map, there’s constant action in every nook and cranny of the playable space, and the sky is constantly filled with Scorestreaks. Cold War players have been loving this mode, wanting it to not just stay permanent in Black Ops, but every Call of Duty game going forward.

Standoff Black Ops Cold War

Following on from Modern Warfare (2019), Black Ops Cold War launched with plenty of options to allow players to escape the standard 6v6 mode. Fireteam, which now includes a mini battle royale mode, has large-scale warfare on huge maps, and Combined Arms includes larger versions of the standard maps.

However, what players appear to be enjoying most is the 12v12 Moshpit. This mode packs a whopping 24 players into maps designed for 12, leading to lots of chaotic action. Cold War Season 3 Reloaded added Standoff, The Pines, and Moscow to the pool, making it a more complete experience.

Reddit user Film_Director posted to the Cold War subreddit that “12 vs 12 needs to be a staple.” They explained that this is the first Modern Warfare/Cold War season they have completed, and it’s because of 12v12. There’s “So much more action going on,” they explained. “It’s just fun. Leave it in all CODs.”

Many other players chimed in, completely agreeing with Film_Directors sentiment, saying that they’ve also been loving 12v12 because of the “constant action” and “12v12 on Standoff is awesome as hell.”

One player said that “12vs12 should have been brought up way before. It could have seriously saved games like Ghosts. Plenty of those maps would be perfect for 12v12.”

With such a positive reception to the mode, it’s likely that Treyarch will keep 12v12 in Black Ops Cold War going forward. We’re still waiting on the official reveal of Call of Duty 2021, but there’s every chance another chaotic mode such as this will be included.

Image Credit: Treyarch

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