Cold War players very disappointed with “complete trash” Double Agent mode

Andrew Highton
cold war double agent mode

Call of Duty’s take on the hit sensation Among Us has gotten off to a tricky start with players bemoaning several aspects of the Double Agent game mode in Cold War Season 5.

Among Us became an absolute sensation in 2020 when the strategic multiplayer game went viral, and many of the world’s leading streamers jumped on board the hype train to enjoy its madness and creativity.

Fast-forward to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5, Treyarch has decided to implement its own version of the beloved title. Double Agent adopts many of the Among Us stylings, such as completing tasks and identifying spies.

However, a few players believe that whilst the premise is pretty solid, the execution of the game mode is not.

double agent gameplay

Multiple posts on Reddit have alluded to the mode’s mechanics being exploitable and allowing uncooperative players to do what they want.

Three different threads have complained about its shortcomings, with one, in particular, claiming: “I feel like Treyarch didn’t think Double Agent all the way through.”

They cite the lack of strategy and penalties for errant gameplay as a big factor in its undoing. “So I’ve played some of the new Double Agent mode, and based on my experience, you really don’t get to play the actual game because everybody just shoots the first person they see.

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“I played as an operative for 3 rounds, and each time I was getting immediately beamed by someone and had zero chance to actually look for clues. When I was the investigator, I was right next to 2 Double agents, and they just immediately killed me. Almost every round ended in less than 20 seconds. I assume it would be better with friends, but I don’t know.”

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Among Us relies more on careful deliberation and assessing the situation to determine who might be the traitor. Whereas Double Agent gives players guns, and it becomes a bit more free and chaotic as a result.

players hunting in double agent cold war

Another Reddit post suggested a way for players to enjoy it more: “Do not play it with randoms. No one appears to have any brain cells. I have had:

  1. The investigator put a kill order on someone, I kill the person, then the investigator kills me for…doing what they asked?
  2. I was a double agent, and my teammate killed me despite the blue arrow on the map and the BIG BLUE ICON above my head.
  3. Everyone treats the mode like a FFA (Free-For-All). One round, within 15 seconds, all the operatives (including the investigator) killed each other making my job (as a Double Agent) easy but unfun.

“I have had 1 game. 1 GAME, where people actually knew what they were doing, and it was quite fun. Every other game, though? Complete trash.”

This sentiment is pretty much echoed by one final post agreeing with the user: “Decided to give it a try, hopped in, everyone gathered weapons, and…as soon as we started for real, everyone opened fire on one another, and almost everyone died. Useless game mode, lol unless the whole lobby is filled with friends.”

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Call of Duty has successfully created fun party games for players to take a bit less seriously than the game’s main multiplayer modes.

But based on the initial player feedback, it feels like Double Agent will need the odd tweak or two to be completely satisfying to enjoy.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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