Cold War player encounters disco room glitch in Outbreak Zombies

Andrew Highton
cod cold war disco ball

One player’s game of Outbreak took an unexpected twist when their life or death fight with Call of Duty’s Zombies when one of the mode’s rooms glitched and became a disco.

There’s no doubting that Outbreak has been a huge success and given the concept of Zombies a nice lift in Call of Duty. Treyarch’s twist on dancing with the undead was a nice surprise and it’s provided plenty of cool moments such as a Ronald Raygun Easter Egg and endless hours of varied Zombie-slaying.

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But with the mode now expanding to bigger maps, it’s increased the likelihood of bizarre bugs and glitches cropping up it seems. Since its Season 2 debut, Outbreak glitches have created horrifying versions of Plaguehounds and turned the game on its side – literally.

Now, Season 3 seems to have a bug that can illuminate rooms and instill an urge to dance in most players.

cod cold war elite enemy

Reddit user dm3030 revealed his amusing experience in Black Ops Cold War with a picture showing just how weird the glitch is.

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Playing with two other people, the player was safely tucked away upstairs in a building, and the picture showed them clearly mesmerized by the eye-catching visual they had in front of them.

The scene resembled a classic 80s disco with multi-colored tiles engulfing the majority of the room. With no zombies in the immediate vicinity, it gave the player a nice opportunity to take in the rare scenery.

But it wouldn’t last though as the Reddit post stated that the game mode crashed about 30 seconds after running into this anomaly.

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They state that they think “1 out of 5 doesn’t crash” referencing the fragile connectivity issues that can ruin games of Zombies.

It’s probably one of those rare occurrences that won’t happen too often, but they always look very cool when they happen.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch