Cold War devs confirm plans to buff RC-XD after Flak Jacket nerf

Andrew Highton
cod cold war flak jacket rc-xd

The CoD: Cold War Season 2 Reloaded patch has added lots of content to the game, but it also seems to have inadvertently nerfed the RC-XD Scorestreak. The devs have provided an update on the issue.

It may not be the most efficient Scorestreak in the world, but it’s still a lot of fun to control a toy racecar, loaded with explosives, around a crowded map to start someone’s day with a bang. The low number of points required to obtain one makes it a desirable Scorestreak to add to a loadout as well.

On the other hand, Flak Jacket is a simple perk that most people have had equipped since day one due to its overpowered, explosive-blocking nature. But since the update, Flak Jacket has now made it impossible to die to RC-XDs because of the car’s reduced damage.

cod cold war rc-xd scorestreak

In what’s described as a “silent nerf”, the change has gone under the radar of patch notes and has meant that RC-XD users have been left frustrated as a result.

Previously, an RC-XD blast from close-range would be an instant one-hit-kill no matter what. But as a video from Reddit user deathdude01 has proved, this is no longer the case.

In their video, the player, and presumably a friend, tested out the effects of the post-patch RC-XD by detonating one at point-blank range next to our Flak Jacket-wearing Reddit user.

Once activated, the RC-XD blows up and deathdude01 says, “I still have 25 health.” Whereas under normal circumstances this would’ve been instant death for him.

Thankfully, the video has been seen by Treyarch, and one of the game’s main devs, FoxhoundFPS, replied to the video saying,

“Hey All, a few things to share here:

  • We missed the RC-XD tuning pass (decreased lethal range against Flak Jacket) in our previous notes. This omission was an accident, not an intention.
  • We’ll be adjusting the RC-XD again, with our eyes set on next week, to increase the lethality to historical values. Roughly translated, the player in this video would die.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!”

The nerf was clearly an unintentional one, and it shouldn’t be too long until the explosion-on-wheels is returned to its old, destructive self.

Image credits: Treyarch