COD 2020 Aug 18 teaser: new tape, Warzone Shack Opened, and more

The Call of Duty 2020 teaser campaign continue.

The newest tape is now live on the PawnTakesPawn website.

On Tuesday, August 18, the newest tape was added to the list showing the history of 1979. Alongside the new tape, the 1977-78 tape was updated to v2, 1972-73 updated to v3, 1968-69 was updated to v4 and 61-62 to v5. The tape has a red dot next to it on the site.

During the tape, the numbers 02, 00, 03, 03, 06, 09, 07, 00, 09, 04, and 01 appeared on the screen.

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Alongside the new tape, a new Warzone code was shown on the VCR while the tape was playing. The code shown was for a Bunker in Warzone at location F4 on the map. This is the shack near TV Station. The code to unlock the Bunker is 27495810.

Here’s a look at what was found inside the new Warzone Shack:

And a video from PrestigeIsKey:

Stay tuned.

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