Black Ops Cold War AR Suppressors get major buff in Season 5 update

Zackerie Fairfax

Thanks to a Black Ops Cold War Suppressor buff, AR bullet velocity will barely be affected at the start of Season 5.

Activision released the Black Ops Cold War Season 5 patch notes before the start of the season. The changes made to various weapons were outlined inside these notes, including a handful of SMGs, Dual Wielded pistols and assault rifles.

However, there was one major change being made to suppressors that affect all ARs. The Cold War suppressor buff lowers the effect that attachments have on AR bullet velocity. This buff is a major plus for those who like to keep themselves out of sight and sound while firing.

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Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Suppressor AR Buff

At the start of Season 5, all AR suppressors will have their Bullet Velocity Penalties reduced. Agency Suppressor attachments will have their penalty reduced from -30% to – 15%. Regular Suppressor attachments will have their penalties reduced from -15% to -8%. In both cases, the velocity penalties have been cut in half.

Bullet Velocity is one of Call of Duty’s most confusing stats, but it simply translates into how far a bullet can travel. Black Ops Cold War also calls this stat the Effective Damage Range. Equipping a suppressor slows the bullet down when exiting the gun, which reduces how far it can travel.

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The Cold War Suppressor buff allows bullets to travel faster while still using a suppressor. This is a major change because it allows players to deal damage from greater distances. Activision states this change was made to “better focus on their potential for damage at long ranges.”

That being said, this buff only affects assault rifles which means pistols and SMGs are still affected by suppressors the way they were before Season 5.

It will be interesting to see if more players choose to use suppressors now that they have been buffed or if these changes will have a minimal impact on the game.

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Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch Studios