Black Ops Cold War progression: Prestige system combined with Warzone & MW

Nicholas Sakadelis

In a post on the Call of Duty blog, the new shared progression system between Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare & Warzone was revealed.

The details reveal how Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War progression will combine with Prestige system to bring a new system for players.

On November 13, Black Ops Cold War is set to launch with an updated player progression system. Players will begin by completing Military Ranks, a traditional leveling journey to unlock functional gameplay items. Once completed, Black Ops Cold War players will enter an updated and improved Season Leveling that begins at game launch with the Pre-Season, and which becomes synchronized with all three games at the beginning of Season One on December 10.

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Player Progression, Unified

Meet Military Ranks, the new replacement for Enlisted ranks (Levels 1-55). The ranks will be shared between Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare & Warzone. Your Black Ops Cold War Military Rank will act as the baseline for your rank in Warzone and Modern Warfare come Season 1 for Black Ops Cold War, dropping December 10th.

All of your camos, weapons & equipment will remain across all games when the seasonal reset comes into effect to put all games on the new progression system, but will ultimately bind to Black Ops Cold War. If you are level 150 in Black Ops Cold War when the first reset comes into effect, your level in MW & Warzone will become 55, or the highest possible Military Rank.

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In addition to this system, you will be able to rank up your shared level in Black Ops Cold War Zombies as well.

Here’s the high level look at info direct from Activision:

Player Progression Begins: Military Ranks and Modes

  • Check the Barracks Menu of each title for a new change: Your Enlisted Ranks (Level 1-55) are now known as Military Ranks. These will be fully synchronized between all three games (beginning at launch for Black Ops Cold War players, and in Season One for Modern Warfare and Warzone players).
  • This universal progression system means that you can level up (and obtain XP) no matter which of the titles you are playing!
  • Progress in the usual manner by playing Multiplayer modes, completing Challenges (in either Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare) and Warzone matches.
  • In addition, Black Ops Cold War Zombies shares this same progression too, so you’ll be able to level up no matter how you play!

In addition, the company has announced that there will be rank reset among Warzone & Modern Warfare to match Black Ops Cold War at the start of Season One.

Player Progression Reset

  • To synchronize player progression across all three games, your initial (Military) rank will be reset within Modern Warfare and Warzone at the start of Black Ops Cold War Season One. This reset is synchronized to your current progression level in Black Ops Cold War when Season One begins.
  • Don’t worry, only your XP is reset; everything you’ve previously unlocked remains available (like Weapons, Perks and Killstreaks in Modern Warfare for example).

So, Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War will combine together into one Progression system in December.

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Seasonal Prestige Leveling

  • Your seasonal Officer Progression is now known as Season Levels, which incorporates a Seasonal Prestige leveling system. These are fully synchronized between all three games.
  • As you begin Season Leveling, expect an updated interface to this leveling system.
  • Seasonal Progression has been updated with aspects of the traditional Prestige system, allowing players to unlock and use rewards, including some incredibly cool legacy player identity items from the world of Black Ops!
  • Leveling in Black Ops Cold WarWarzone, or Modern Warfare all count toward your Season leveling and Prestige Level.
  • The preferred way to Prestige is by playing Black Ops Cold War, thanks to challenges focused on Black Ops Cold War gameplay, XP events, and other advantages planned throughout the Seasons.
  • Remember that a large proportion of this content is earnable or simply free, just by playing one or all of the three games.

More information on Seasonal Prestiges, Prestige master and Season challenges will be coming tomorrow to the Treyarch blog.

SOURCE: Call of Duty