Black Ops Cold War players want to see the ‘Toy Soldiers’ mode return

Liam Mackay
Black Ops Cold War toy soldiers mode

Call of Duty: WWII allowed players to relive their childhood imaginations by playing as classic toy soldiers in the Sandbox map, and Black Ops Cold War players are keen to see this fan-favorite mode return.

While the Call of Duty franchise has always been grounded in realism, the developers are never afraid to include some whacky concepts. Black Ops Cold War has turned the Krig 6 into a dragon, had a living alien attach itself to the M16, and the store has featured various brightly-colored anime cosmetics that contrast with the Cold War aesthetic.

2018’s Call of Duty: WWII shifted away from the brutal realism of the Second World War and included “Sandbox” in which players became the plastic toy soldiers of their childhood. This unique map quickly became popular amongst players, and they’re now calling for it to return in Cold War.

CoD WWII Sandbox map

Black Ops Cold War received a significant content drop in the Season 3 Reloaded update, which brought the 80s Action Heroes event and unique game modes alongside it. Now, players are looking forward to the next unique offering and brought up the fan-favorite Sandbox map from WWII.

In a Reddit post that quickly gained traction and over 3,000 upvotes, user patamonrs said that “Cold War needs this map/mode” referencing WWII’s Sandbox.

This map completely remodeled players to look like plastic WWII figurines, and the map was one giant sandpit, scattered with sandcastles, toys, and decoy toy soldiers to catch you off guard. Even though your uniform was given a plastic sheen, everything else about the game stayed the same, and you could even call in Scorestreaks.

Tons of players agreed with patamonrs that the map should return in Cold War. One user said that although they’re “the first to sh*t on WW2 at every chance,” they think that “the toy soldier map has to be one of the best ideas in COD, period. If anything from WW2 should come back, this is it.”

If a map in this style doesn’t appear in Cold War, there’s every chance it will arrive in CoD 2021. Sledgehammer Games developed WWII, and are confirmed to be developing 2021’s installment, which is also rumored to be set in the Second World War. It’s highly possible we’ll see either a remaster or a brand-new design for this unique mode.

Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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