Black Ops Cold War player discovers secret room in Nuketown ’84 map

Andrew Highton
cod cold war nuketown room

Call of Duty’s famous Nuketown map has finally had its secret, blocked off room exposed for everyone to see what it’s in it. A glitch has allowed one Black Ops Cold War to set foot on its hallowed grounds.

Most Call of Duty players have experienced the wonders and wars of Nuketown no matter which incarnation of it they’ve played. And there’s some that have covered square inch of the map from its opposing houses to the vehicles in the middle.

Lots of people have seen the mannequin Easter Egg and even made use of the RC-XD Easter Egg, but not everyone can say they’ve stepped foot in Nuketown’s secret room that is ordinarily blocked off.

However, CoD: Black Ops Cold War has an exploit that allows you to glitch into this secretive room.

cod cold war nuketown map sign

On the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, one user was able to show off the full extent of their time in the Nuketown ’84 room, and the circumstances that allowed them to do so.

Starting off by the top of the stairs in the ‘Yellow House’, the player eventually moved to the front of the house, by the window overlooking the map.

They then retreated into the corner by the double-bed, and their teammate deployed an RC-XD near them. It’s a bit unclear what happens next, but the actions of the player and the RC-XD allowed the player to glitch into the wall and walk inside the confines of the house’s texture models.

They walked all the way along until they found themself inside of the fabled locked room.

For the people who’ve always wondered what’s inside this secret room, they might be a little bit disappointed as the actual contents aren’t all that exciting.

The room is bare with nothing at all inside of it. You are able to see outside of its broken windows, but when asked “Were you able to stay in there and shoot from there?” in the comments, they simply replied “nope.”

So this glitch and accessibility thankfully aren’t too harmful in the grand scheme of things, although if a team needs to survive or hang on then they could possibly hide in here.

Image Credit: Treyarch

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