Black Ops Cold War Fireteam Elimination: Tips & guide

cod cold war fireteam elimination

Treyarch has launched Black Ops Cold War’s own battle royale with Fireteam Elimination bearing a heavy resemblance to Warzone. Here is a full guide with tips on how to win the newest version of Call of Duty battle royale.

Wanting to play a Call of Duty battle royale game that isn’t Warzone? Well, Black Ops Cold War fans are in luck as Season 3 has seen the launch of the new Fireteam Elimination mode. Taking on some of the elements that Fireteam has had since the beginning, Elimination expands upon it further by incorporating some of the Warzone thinking.

The positives to Fireteam Elimination in comparison to Warzone is that there are only 40 people, so the games are much quicker. It also runs on the Cold War engine, which is ideal for people who prefer its gunplay, and its respawn ticket system ramps up the tension.

Here are the best tips and tricks to conquer CoD: Black Ops Cold War’s take on battle royale and Warzone.

#1 – Attack from the start

cod cold war mp5

It’s only natural that we’ll keep popping backward and forwards between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, but a notable difference between the two is that you don’t spawn with a pistol in Fireteam Elimination. You’re armed with an MP5, and you really can go after enemies from the start.

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If your squad is aggressive enough, then it’s entirely possible that you can wipe out a whole squad of four after landing and take them out of the game for good.

Also, check out our best MP5 loadout in Black Ops Cold War.

#2 – Loot

cod cold war loot chest fireteam

There are no loadout opportunities in Fireteam Elimination, what you see is what you get. So it’s vital that you search and loot as much as you can, otherwise you will be underpowered.

The weapon drops and attachment aren’t stellar in the game mode, so it’s imperative that you’re extensive in your searches. Don’t ever settle, keep going until you find Legendaries, Armor Pouches, Self-Revives, and more.

#3 – Keep checking your map

alpine map

Whereas Warzone will throw audio cues and warnings at you left, right, and center, Cold War’s battle royale mode isn’t quite as persistent. It’s very easy to get caught up in Fireteam Elimination because of the smaller nature of the map, and the radiation can ambush you in a heartbeat.

So it’s vital that you consult your map on a regular basis as there’s no defined circle to show you where the radiation is heading.

#4 – Radiation isn’t as harmful as Warzone’s Gas

cod cold war fireteam adler

Getting caught in Warzone’s gas can be fatal if you’re bereft of a gas mask and playing catch up. Fireteam Elimination’s radiation won’t kill you anywhere near as quickly, and this can be a sly strategy to enforce.

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Escaping from the gas in Warzones means to get out of it ASAP, but if you’re exiting the radiation in Cold War, then consult with your map, analyze your surroundings and see if there’s a better path to take to sneak up on the enemy.

#5 – Avoid populated areas

cod cold war landing fireteam

Whilst Cold War’s battle royale mode doesn’t have a litany of distinct POIs like Verdansk ’84’s Stadium or Array, it still has areas in each map with big landmark buildings and areas. If you want to improve your chances of winning then we would strongly recommend you avoid these areas.

Seek out the smaller houses, or a line of spaced-out buildings if you can. Half the lobby will want to go to the main areas to seek out other players, get 20 kills, but lose. There are Supply Boxes everywhere, so listen out for their identifiable audio cues, and don’t think that they’ll all be tucked away in the hot, commonly-visited zones.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch