Black Ops Cold War fans demand the return of a classic playlist

Andrew Highton
black ops cold war playlist

Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War has expanded upon many things that already make the game so popular, but there’s one key game mode that fans want to see added to the game.

The latest Call of Duty game has done everything in its power to keep fans happy and full with a smorgasbord of different content. Season 1 and Season 2 of Cold War have pumped new maps, weapons, and even a new Zombies mode into the game. They’ve made incremental changes to try and improve on existing complaints such as Cartel’s notorious bushes.

In the game’s multiplayer though, there’s been a wealth of new options to select from, with Gun Game being a big highlight. However, there seems to be one playlist selection missing that CoD fans think is necessary.

cod bocw season 2 operator

For many people, Call of Duty is not a game they play with their friends. It’s something to kick back on for two or three hours after work to cool down after a hard day.

As a result, it can be frustrating to come up against a whole team in a lobby that is really good and working together to dominate the match. Some people just want a level playing field with everyone kind of doing their own thing.

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It has been pointed out by Reddit user gaetanobranciforti that Black Ops Cold War should try to bring back the series’ Mercenary Mode. What this does is block squads from entering the usual game modes, and it can only be a single user taking part on a team of six.

They said, “I’m sick and tired of being paired up with the worst players ever, but going up against squads who play as if their Mom’s life depends on the outcome. Not all of us play with other people, cant the loners have some love!”

The sentiment was echoed by other players responding to the post with another user saying, “I’ve been asking for this for months. Obviously, Treyarch understands a lot of people want it since it’s been made permanent in Black Ops 4. So why can’t we get it in Cold War?”

It all raises some interesting points and does highlight that lots of CoD players don’t party up and could probably do with more fair, competitive lobbies where it’s basically all unique players.

Image credits: Treyarch

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