Black Ops Cold War fans call for the return of fan-favorite mode

Andrew Highton

Despite the fact that BOCW has a wide range of different modes, the CoD community is clamoring for the return of the Gun Game mode to appear in Black Ops Cold War.

One thing that every Call of Duty game does is keep the online multiplayer refresh to prevent fatigue and avoid burnout by overusing the same maps and modes.

Black Ops Cold War debuted with brand new Fireteam and VIP Escort modes to name a couple. Given how long the online FPS genre has been around, it’s understandable that developers might find it difficult to come up with a new game mode.

The CoD community has come up with a solution that will keep BOCW fresh, Treyarch in touch with its fans, and players entertained as well.

players fighting in cod bocw

Gun Game to return in BOCW?

Over the years we’ve seen some fantastic game modes that have become the staple of the franchise’s backbone such as Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, and Domination. There have also been some less-heralded modes such as Sabotage – a lesser Search & Destroy.

Each entry of CoD lives and breathes nostalgia, meaning that the addition of franchise favorites are always welcome. One, in particular, is much sought after.

The ever-popular Gun Game is a timeless classic that the CoD fanbase is currently desperate to see in action once more. This is understandable as Gun Game is one of the few examples of a completely fair playing field in Call of Duty.

One of the trending Black Ops Cold War subreddit topics currently concerns the desire to see the mode brought back.

For anyone unaware, Gun Game sees everyone in a lobby start with the same weapon and attachments. You need to get a kill with that weapon to move onto the next pre-determined weapon, and so on.

The game finally ends once one player has managed to get a kill with every single weapon, but beware as being on the receiving end of a melee kill will set you back one gun.

Gun Game has generally been featured in every Call of Duty game since its debut way back in Black Ops I and even without this protestation, it’s fair to say the mode will probably have returned anyway.

Image credits: Treyarch