Black Ops Cold War devs confirm fix for Broken Zombies XP

Andrew Highton

After trying to fix an issue causing players to earn too much XP from Zombies, the mode is now offering far less XP that it should. Thankfully, Treyarch has confirmed that they are going to address the issue in an upcoming patch.

Treyarch‘s Double XP event has been running for a good few days now, and initially, it was helping players to actually earn way more XP than they should’ve been earning in the first place. So Treyarch patched it, and as a result, has made things even worse.

That patch has made weapon progression much slower and players aren’t too happy about the grind in BOCW’s Die Maschine mode.

players walking down hallway in bocw zombies

When is the fix coming?

After seeing the backlash and the issue verbalized by a great deal of the Call of Duty community, a member of the game’s team took to Reddit to respond to the complaints.

“I spoke with the team, and we have identified an issue that was causing lower than intended Weapon XP in both solo Zombies matches and later Zombies rounds. We are looking to release a fix for both of these as soon as possible.”

On one hand, it’s positive that Treyarch has acknowledged that something is grossly up with the XP system, but it’s a bit disconcerting that in the meantime players will have to dump more hours into zombies to see the results they should be getting already.

To many players, leveling up their weapons and earning the game’s best camos are a huge part of the game’s appeal. The feeling of satisfaction after accumulating kills, headshots, and various other factors to finally land their dream camo.

This XP bug is the latest in a long line of issues that have made much of the fanbase indifferent to the game – including a Zombies glitch gives players ‘God Mode’. But with the start of Season One on the way and hopefully a lot more content to look forward to, things can only look up from here.

Image credits: Treyarch

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