Black Ops Cold War dev hints at Flak Jacket fix

Andrew Highton

All of all the perks in the game, Flak Jacket is a rather innocuous one, but one that has possibly caused the most headaches. It seems capable of deflecting almost the entire blast of an explosive device, but a BOCW dev has hinted that a Flak Jacket hotfix is in the works.

The usual debate and murmur about perks are “which one is best” and suited to what mode. Well, it seems that most player’s poison – especially for Hardcore – is Flak Jacket.

Black Ops Cold War indeed has plenty of lethal equipment that splatters your insides onto a wall and makes it look like abstract art, but it seems to be happening less and fewer thanks to Flak Jacket.

flak jacket perk in black ops cold war

When is the fix coming?

If you’re not sure of what Flak Jacket can actually offer you, here’s the official game’s description of the perk: “Take less damage from enemy explosives and Molotov and Combat Bow flames.

In this instance, less damage seems to be almost hyperbolic as the perk now seems to be preventing any damage at all from taking place. Not only is it not killing people when they should rightfully be in the ground, but it’s making lots of the game’s arsenal ineffectual and redundant, e.g., grenades, War Machine, etc.

The incessant complaints have led to Reddit rants with one user, Cepheagle, saying: “imagine if /u/foxhoundFPS actually did his job and forwarded things like this to the team. One day .. or never.”

bocw reddit post FoxhoundFPS

The brazen statement insinuates that Treyarch is aware of the issue but is choosing not to address it. However, FoxhoundFPS – Community Manager Josh Torres at Treyarch – has duly responded to the user’s, and everyone else’s, complaints.

“There was actually a discussion about this yesterday. I’ve seen your posts and I understand that you’re not pleased with the “gaps,” but I can only speak to the things that I can speak to.”

So contrary to the community’s thoughts, Treyarch is alerted to the presence of Flak Jacket’s overly-defensive properties. You can imagine this is just one problem in a whole heap of issues and bugs that Treyarch is actively working on fixes for.

Image credits: Treyarch

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