Black Ops Cold War campaign has multiple endings 

Keshav Bhat

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign has multiple endings. 

Players have a ton of choice during the campaign experience – from how they play certain missions to the voice lines they pick during different parts of the missions. 

The campaign also offers mission choices, which allows players to choose how to play and interact with certain missions. Some missions can be played in different ways – stealth, run and gun, and more, while others will be more linear overall. The narrative seasons also have player choice options.  

There are a few side missions for players to experience as well. These side missions start off locked, but as you experience the main campaign, you continue to reveal the side missions. You can collect additional evidence from side missions. 

And all of these decisions will influence the campaign’s ending. This is not the first time a Black Ops game has had multiple endings, but the amount of player choice available in Black Ops Cold War is vastly different than past experiences. 

The endings are dictated by how you as character play the entire campaign. There are missions where you select how to play it: stealth option, run and gun into the action, and more as the mission progresses. And those decisions are vital in building the overall story you’re playing. 

Raven says that each of the different endings are “special endings” and the team “love how these have turned out.” The Creative Director says that the endings will “feel uniquely Black Ops.”  

This also leads to replay-ability for the campaign for fans who want to experience the alternate endings throughout the story. 

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