All the new maps coming to Black Ops Cold War Season 5

Andrew Highton
new map in cold war

The content train keeps chugging along in CoD: Cold War as Season 5’s roadmap has revealed the next maps in Treyarch’s shooter.

Call of Duty has a history of creating incredible multiplayer maps that stand the test of time. CoD 4 had classics like Crash and Strike, MW2 had Terminal and Rust, and Black Ops II had Raid.

The latter is one of a few maps that have made a comeback in Black Ops Cold War for players both old and new to enjoy. Treyarch has made it a mission to ensure that players have a healthy fix of nostalgia with the 80s shooter, and Season 5 looks to embrace that, and add new life as well.

new cold war season 5 operator

Including maps at launch and the presumed mid-season Reloaded update, Cold War Season 5 will add five new maps across the game.

We have information on all of them, thanks to the Treyarch Cold War blog, including what to expect from them, and when they will drop.

Echelon (6v6, Launch)

echelon map in cold war season 5

“In this brand-new map seen in the Season Five intro cinematic, you’ll need to keep your ear to the ground if you want to leave this listening station alive.

Set at Teufelsberg – also known as “Devil’s Mountain” – in Berlin, Echelon sees Operators fighting through the rain and ash in the aftermath of Perseus’ latest operation. From either infiltration point, you’ll fight to control the central control room inside the main dome, a natural hotbed for combat that gets even hotter in objective game modes.

This NATO compound was partially blown to pieces during the attack, so mind the gaps in the roofs unless you’re planning to plunge onto the plateau below.

Slums (6v6, Launch)

cold war slums map

Take to the streets and fight through this tight three-lane vintage map, which rounds out the three Multiplayer maps available at Season Five’s launch.

First introduced in Call of Duty®: Black Ops II, Slums is set deep within Panama City, where a town square featuring a central fountain invites long-range combat across lanes and plenty of aerial Scorestreak bombardments.

A variety of combat tactics can work here, as always… just be mindful of the sightlines into the parking lot and laundromat at the ends of this classic locale.

Showroom (2v2 and 3v3, Launch)

cold war showroom map

All sales are final in this small-scale map built for Gunfight and Face-Off variants. Showroom is set in the cordoned off Stacks emporium within the long-abandoned mall in New Jersey, The Pines.

On this map, expect to have fast fights over and around various displays and kiosks, which provide a unique aesthetic and map structure compared to the other smaller maps in Black Ops Cold War.

Gunfight Tournament fans can expect Showroom to have a big summer blowout later this season as the marquee location of a future tournament.

Drive-In (6v6, In-Season)

drive-in map on cold war

Shortly after the Season Five launch window, get your popcorn ready for the return of Drive-In, a cult classic from the original Black Ops, set in a movie drive-in out in an abandoned midwestern United States ghost town.

Remastered for the first time in honor of its 10-year anniversary as part of the Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack, Drive-In features close-quarters fights and powerful overwatch points, particularly around the big screen of the Galactic Drive-In, where snipers and other long-range weapons can shine.

Be sure to tread lightly through the mostly barren parking lot if enemies take up the big screen or the red building on the opposite side, using the alleyway flank routes to drop bad guys with a Finishing Move worthy of an action hero.

Zoo (6v6, In-Season)

cold war season 5 roadmap

Rounding out Season Five’s trio of classic maps is another post-launch theater of battle: the intense 6v6 incarnation of Zoo from the original Black Ops, arriving later in the season.

There’s no cage that can hold you as you fight through bear pits and aquariums in Zoo, whose original version was part of Black Ops’ second DLC pack Escalation. Be sure to take a “ride” on the monorail to get an incredible vantage point on the action below, or head to the souvenir shop to dole out plenty of free pain to your enemies.”

Also, don’t forget to check out all the new Zombies and Outbreak content in Season 5.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch