All Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 blueprints revealed by glitch

Liam Mackay

A glitch in Black Ops Cold War is allowing Xbox players to access weapon blueprints that will be available throughout Season 1, launching December 15.

Weapon blueprints first arrived in Call of Duty with Modern Warfare in 2019 and Black Ops Cold War has kept up this tradition. Blueprints are the weapon ‘skins’ you can customize by swapping out attachments. Although some free blueprints have been released, there aren’t any available to purchase in Cold War yet.

A player was previously able to access upcoming bundles, which revealed the new Operators, blueprints, and Melee Weapons coming to Cold War’s content store in Season 1. Now, through a glitch, Xbox players can access every blueprint from the upcoming season.

All Cold War Season 1 blueprints

Reddit user vegan-paramedic logged into Black Ops Cold War after their Xbox Live subscription had run out, so they were playing the game offline. While playing offline, they tried to access Zombies and were allowed into weapon selection menus.

Black Ops Cold War Nuketown weapon blueprint

When selecting a weapon, you can scroll over to the ‘shop’ tab, and see variants available for that weapon in the store. This feature isn’t available in Cold War yet, but while offline, vegan-paramedic was able to access the new blueprints.

They posted a video to Reddit showcasing all of the upcoming skins.

The majority of weapons have an upcoming blueprint. There are some standout designs, such as the ‘Shogunate’ variant of the fan-favorite Krig 6. There is also a comical new variant of the knife, where it has been replaced by a sharpened stick.

It’s unclear whether these blueprints will be available in the Battle Pass or available for purchase individually. Following Modern Warfare’s model, it’s likely some will be available in both the free and paid tiers of the Battle Pass, with the majority purchased through bundles in the content store.

This is a taster of the content we can expect for Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 1 and beyond.

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