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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War bug breaks VTOL Scorestreak

Black Ops Cold War players are frustrated by a bug that is breaking the VTOL Scorestreaks, and want Treyarch to fix the frustrating issue.



Bug is breaking Black Ops Cold War VTOL Scorestreaks

Call of Duty Scorestreaks allow you to rain down death and destruction upon your opponents, but some Black Ops Cold War players have discovered some glaring bugs that make them less effective.

If you find yourself facing stiff competition from the enemy team in a Team Deathmatch, then you can get yourself out of that mess with the help of Call of Duty Scorestreaks. These let you control a gunship to destroy your opponents.

However, various Black Ops Cold War players have strongly criticized the current state of this feature in the game. Now, a new bug has been discovered that effectively renders VTOL Scorestreaks broken.

Black Ops Cold War VTOL Scorestreak

Reddit user Josep221 posted a clip of them using the VTOL in the Black Ops Cold War subreddit. This Scorestreak is one of the most powerful ones in the games, and you gain access to it after scoring 7000.

While piloting a fighter jet above your enemies to rain down bullets and missiles on them sounds exciting, the player discovered that they couldn’t move the jet around, as it hovered in the air while fixed in one place.

This left them at the mercy of their opponents, who then capitalized on the opportunity to bring the player down. Josep221 then responded to this bug with, “Very cool, Thank you Treyarch!”

Black Ops Cold War players have faced this bug before, and many commenters shared their own experiences. “This happened to me months ago how have they not patched it,” wrote one user.

Treyarch has altered the Scorestreaks in the past, and players were surprised to see this problem persist in Season 3. There are also several issues with the Air Patrol Scorestreak that the devs have promised to investigate.

Hopefully, we’ll see the issues with VTOL Scorestreaks fixed by the time Black Ops Cold War Season 4 goes live.

Image credits: Treyarch