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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

New Black Ops Cold War glitch is ruining VTOL Scorestreak

A new glitch has been rendering the high-end VTOL Escort Scorestreak useless in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.



Bugs with Black Ops Cold War’s VTOL Scorestreak have been rendering the jet useless, with players unable to control it or the fighter jet getting stuck outside the map.

Black Ops Cold War has had its fair share of bugs and glitches since its launch. The game’s Scorestreaks haven’t been exempt from these issues, especially the high-end ones. Last week, it was reported that BOCW can immediately cancel the Gunship after the player takes control.

Now, the VTOL Escort, which costs a whopping 7,000 score to earn, hasn’t been working as intended.

Reddit user Colin_0w posted a video to Reddit where the VTOL Escort Scorestreak is made useless due to a glitch.

VTOL Scorestreak glitch

The VTOL jet has changed for Black Ops Cold War – you now take control of the jet yourself and fly it around the map.

In the Reddit video, our player calls in their VTOL Scorestreak from a care package and it’s immediately clear that it’s stuck in place. When they try to aim down or to the side, the jet doesn’t lean forward as it’s locked in position, rendering the Scorestreak useless.

They couldn’t move the jet around to shoot any enemies so it hovered with the effectiveness of a metal balloon. And with players working towards their Diamond launchers, the stationary VTOL was easy pickings for the camo grinders in the lobby.

This glitch is especially frustrating as the VTOL jet is one of the hardest to earn Scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War. You need to be racking up several big Scorestreaks in a match to get a shot at earning it.

black ops cold war vtol escort in-game

This player won the multiplayer lottery by getting it from a Care Package, only to have their winnings taken away. There are only so many Counter Spy Planes a player can receive before giving up on the Care Package, and this could be the last straw.

Other players have also reported the VTOL getting stuck outside of Nuketown in a similar fashion to the Chopper Gunner flying out of the playable area that we reported on last week.

Treyarch keeps a Trello Board of known issues in Cold War and Warzone, but none of the Scorestreak issues have been addressed yet. Keep an eye on Charlie Intel where we’ll report the latest updates and patch notes.

Image Credits: Treyarch Studios