Steam giving Battlefield 2042 refunds as players claim the game as “broken”

Joseph Pascoulis
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Battlefield 2042’s reputation goes from bad to worse as Steam begins to give players refunds for dissatisfaction.

Battlefield 2042 has been going downhill ever since its release, with players complaining about bugs and the lack of updates. Recently, the game even placed at the very bottom of Steam’s most played games list as the player base declined massively.

The only joy players were experiencing was through the Rush game mode, which has now been removed despite the community requesting it to stay permanently.

The latest BF2042 news is that Steam is offering refunds for those who have had enough with Battlefield 2042.

battlefield 2042 operator with ban sign

Usually, to get a refund on Steam there are policies players have to abide by. For example, you must have purchased the game within 14 days of the request and also played the title for no more than two hours.

Despite these policies, it seems the discontent with Battlefield 2042 is causing Steam to look past these requirements, offering refunds for those who are dissatisfied with the game’s performance, with one Steam customer claiming it as “broken.”

steam battlefield 2042 refund request

As you can see, Steam offered this user a full refund for Battlefield 2042 in credit. Further, this wasn’t the first time they had requested a refund, as it seems they have previously declined a refund due to their four hours of game time.

So, for those who are experiencing something similar and wish to receive a refund for Battlefield 2042, make sure you message Steam and be persistent.

Steam is most likely aware that the game is an issue and that players are frustrated with the “broken” nature of the game, preventing players from playing it. Of course, if you have loads of game time this will make your request much more difficult, as it seems this user may have been an exception.

However, if you are dissatisfied with the state of the game and have hardly played after purchasing due to the issues, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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Image Credits: Steam / DICE

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