Ex-DICE dev wishes Battlefield 2042 copied BF3

An ex-DICE employee has spoken out after the disappointing release of Battlefield 2042, wishing the game copied what they had worked on in Battlefield 3.

Unfortunately, most people now know how much of a disappointment Battlefield 2042 has been.

Despite the devs trying to redeem themselves and save the game post-launch with updates, players are still comparing the game to the high standards of the previous installments from the franchise, including an ex-developer.

Caspian border in Battlefield 2042 portal

Jaqub Ajmal is currently the Global Community Manager for a game called Bloodhunt. In his previous work, Jaqub was one of the devs behind arguably one of the best Battlefield games in Battlefield 3.

In fact, the developer actually left DICE during the production of 2042, maybe because he didn’t like the direction the game was going in.

With all the disappointment floating around the community, Jaqub shared his thoughts on what Battlefield 2042 should have been. In a tweet made on February 2, 2022, Jaqub stated that the devs should have copied the Battlefield 3 formula for 2042, as “the recipe was perfected in many aspects” for that installment.

It seems others also agree, with popular Battlefield and Warzone content creator Westie commenting:

“Yep. That was peak Battlefield. Fantastic infantry play. Incredible map design. Great combined arms scenarios. Top-tier gunplay. Good progression. Incredible visuals for the time. Battlefield 3 is the best Battlefield, and may always be.”

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Of course, hindsight is always great, but perhaps DICE will look back at the formula they created back in 2011 and bring it up to modern standards for the next game.

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Image Credits: DICE