Can you create a battle royale mode in Battlefield 2042 Portal?

Liam Mackay
Battle royale mode in Battlefield 2042 Portal

Battlefield Portal will allow players to create a variety of custom game modes using maps and assets from both previous Battlefield games and 2042. But with all these tools at your disposal, can you create a battle royale mode in Portal?

DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will not feature a battle royale mode at launch. Instead, there will be All Out Warfare (your standard Battlefield multiplayer), Hazard Zone (high-stakes gameplay), and Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield Portal is the ultimate sandbox experience, allowing players to create their own weird and wonderful game modes with classic maps, weapons, vehicles, and more. Some FPS fans were disappointed that the game wouldn’t feature a battle royale at launch, but can one be created in Battlefield Portal?

Battlefield Portal El Alamein map gameplay

Thanks to YouTuber and Battlefield veteran JackFrags, we’ve got our answer. Select media outlets and content creators got the chance to speak to Ripple Effect dev Thomas “Tompen” Andersson about Battlefield Portal. Jack asked him whether players will be able to create their own battle royale mode inside Portal.

Unfortunately, Andersson confirmed that, at launch, players won’t be able to create a BR mode.

“No…I don’t want people to have the illusion that you can [create a BR mode],” Andersson explained. “Again, we’ll keep monitoring, seeing what people want to create, but there’s plenty of, kind of, infrastructure around battle royale royales that we’re not supporting for launch.”

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Andersson said that you can do “whacky” things with Portal that have “similar sort of motivations,” but it’ll be difficult for the devs to implement everything needed to create a battle royale ahead of launch.

So you won’t be able to create the last-man-standing gameplay that’s taken gaming by storm, but there’s another option on the horizon – a group of Battlefield fans are creating their very own battle royale inside Battlefield 3. There’s no ETA on this impressive fan project, but it might just be the thing to scratch that BF battle royale itch.

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Image Credit: EA / DICE