Battlefield 6 leaker reveals surprising location of first trailer

Liam Mackay
Battlefield 2021

Renowned leaker Tom Henderson has revealed new details for Battlefield 6’s highly anticipated trailer, reporting that it will take place in a single surprising location.

Typically, Battlefield trailers reveal a variety of locations in which the game will be set. Battlefield 1’s trailer is still regarded as one of the best, as it shows combat taking place across the trenches of France, the mountains of Italy, and the deserts of Egypt.

However, Battlefield V’s trailer focused on a single squad fighting in World War 2 France. According to renowned leaker Tom Henderson, Battlefield 2021’s trailer is set to follow suit with it taking place in a single location.


There have been many leaks and rumors surrounding Battlefield 6. An early rumor suggested the game will take place across multiple eras, with Tom Henderson then reporting otherwise, saying it will be set in the near future.

What most leaks have in common is that the trailer is set to release in Spring 2021, with Henderson believing it will drop “around May.” This trailer is also set to be a cinematic similar to Battlefield V’s, rather than a gameplay reveal.

After a Battlefield fan by the name of Sjofelumsk asked Henderson about rumors that Battlefield 6 will take place in Kazakhstan, Henderson said, “I’m not sure on the Kazakhstan thing. The trailer takes place on a desert island.”

The desert island location doesn’t reveal any more information on the game’s setting, as ‘desert island’ could refer to either a deserted island or an island with a desert biome. It’s interesting to see what the trailer might have in store, however.

EA and Dice like to create scripted gameplay scenarios in which a squad cinematically navigates the map. With this report that Battlefield 6’s trailer is set to take place on an island, it’s likely that Dice have taken a single location approach to show off the game’s new mechanics, weapons, and vehicles.

Henderson appears to be confident in the info he leaked, telling those who doubt his information that, “I genuinely have nothing to gain by lying. If you think I’m going to lie to then be mocked after reveal, you’re insane. I didn’t build a reputation for CoD leaks over 8 years for it then to be ripped away in 1 minute and 35 seconds.”

Image Credit: Dice / EA