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Leak claims Battlefield 6 to have Battle Royale & new core gameplay feature

New details continue to leak on what to expect from Battlefield 6.



New Battlefield 2021 game leaks have surfaced on Reddit which suggests the title could be one of the biggest Battlefield games ever.

According to the leak, posted on r/battlefield6, the game will in fact have a Battle Royale mode for players to experience in game.

Battlefield tested the waters with Battle Royale mode with Fireteam mode in Battlefield before, but the mode failed to gain much traction after being locked behind the game’s paywall and dwindling player base.

The leak claims that a Battle Royale mode is in fact returning for the 2021 Battlefield game, but as of now, it’s not confirmed how EA plans to distribute the mode – whether it will be free to play or included with the game.

This leak also claims that MP will support ‘up to 128 players’ in select game modes as DICE pushes the boundaries of next-gen consoles and PC. Leaker also reveals that favorite maps from older Battlefield games will return, like Wake Island, Metro, Locker.

However, the biggest and most interesting feature noted by the leaker is the new feature coming as part of the core gameplay experience. This is just a rumor and not confirmed, but if true, could become a significant part of the experience.

The game, which does not have an official title per this person, will be a “hub for all previous Battlefield titles.” Players will have the ability to “boot up servers” and play versions of old Battlefield games, like 1942, or let some players access the 1942 arsenal while others can use the Battlefield 3 weapons in game.

Here’s the description the leaker gave:

Essentially the game (no official title yet) is going to be a hub for most, if not all, previous Battlefield titles. You will be able to boot up servers playing exclusively 1942, or even have the option to play with settings so one team has access to 1942 weapons/vehicles and the other team has access to BF3 weapons/vehicles. An example given was teams fighting Panzers vs M1 Abrams. Additionally, these settings include core gameplay mechanics, such as not being able to sprint with 1942 settings and not being able to go prone with Bad Company settings. I’m not sure how this affects balancing issues.

This leak is not verified, but a moderator on r/Battlefield6 says that the user who posted this was able to show proof that the source of the leak is someone who is “close to the game” and project.

Battlefield 2021 is confirmed to launch in Holiday 2021. EA recently confirmed that they have seen the “first version” of the game’s reveal trailer. Recent leaks have suggested that EA is targeting a May reveal date for the title.

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