Battlefield 6 leak reveals title & surprising setting details

Liam Mackay
Battlefield gameplay

Known industry insider Tom Henderson has leaked details on the upcoming Battlefield 6, which is reportedly just going to be titled ‘BATTLEFIELD’ and will be set in the near future.

As we approach the announcement for the highly-anticipated Battlefield 6, leaks about its title, setting, and more have begun to surface. Industry insider and leaker Tom Henderson, aka LongSensation, has leaked a ton of info about Battlefield 2021’s release.

“Per sources, I can confirm that the next Battlefield installment will simply be called BATTLEFIELD and takes place around 10 years from now,” Henderson reported. “The title is set in a modern/very near future, which gives the developers a chance to be able to implement weapons and vehicles that are currently in military development today.”

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Battlefield 4 gameplay

The game will be similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, where it’s set “10-15 years from its release date.” Henderson claims we can expect “military robots (Boston Dynamics?), drones, jets, helicopters, tanks and that sort of thing.”

“Multiplayer will feature bigger and better battles and is described as ‘Battlefield 3/4 on steroids’,” he reported. It would also keep its class system, but also include abilities similar to Call of Duty’s perks.

Henderson also dispelled a previous Reddit leak that Battlefield 6 would be a hub for all Battlefield titles. This leak claimed that Battlefield 6 would be set across multiple eras and feature fan-favorite maps such as Wake Island and Operation Locker, but Henderson emphasized that this was not true.

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Battlefield V Firestorm BR gameplay

Battlefield 6 battle royale

Like many fans have come to expect, Henderson reported that Battlefield 6 will indeed be receiving a battle royale “at some stage.”

However, this will be “completely disconnected from the Firestorm name,” and will have its own title. There is no word on if the battle royale will be free-to-play.

Battlefield 6’s “revolutionary” campaign

Battlefield’s campaign has always been a draw for fans, and Henderson’s sources report that “the game will feature a revolutionary campaign compared to other installments.”

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Battlefield 1 campaign

Per Henderson’s sources, “The campaign will focus on you and your specialist unit, where you’ll be able to choose which superpower you fight for. In BATTLEFIELD, there isn’t necessarily “Axis and Allies” as you will be able to choose your own path. Both the USA and Russia, who are the games only standing superpowers, will offer to “recruit” your specialist team and their skills throughout the campaign, which will be a valuable asset to both sides. It would also appear like this year’s campaign is a co-op experience.”

According to Henderson, the trailer is set to drop “around May” and will be a cinematic similar to Battlefield V’s, rather than a gameplay showcase.

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