Battlefield 2042 Specialists & Traits explained by Dice

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Battlefield 2042 Specialists Traits

Battlefield 2042 will be bringing Specialists and Traits to the popular franchise. Still, the community has been somewhat confused on how exactly they will work, which led Dice to recently give an in-depth explanation of how the Battlefield 2042 Specialists and Traits will operate.

There is plenty of excitement in the Battlefield community right with the upcoming release of Battlefield 2042 set to happen in 2021, as the newest entry in the franchise is set to revolutionize the popular first-person shooter series.

Two of the new mechanics that will be introduced in Battlefield 2042 are Specialists and Traits, which consist of unique characters that players can play as who all have unique abilities.

However, following the game’s official reveal, a portion of the community was left somewhat confused as to how exactly these Battlefield 2042 Specialists and Traits will work.

Luckily, Dice gave players a detailed look into what they can expect from these features in a new Q & A, where they also confirmed that cross-platform play and cross-progression are coming to Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists and Traits

Battlefield 2042 Specialists and Traits

So far, Dice has officially revealed 4 of the 10 Specialists available for players to use in the game. These characters are inspired by traditional Battlefield classes and can have their own fully customizable loadouts.

According to the statement from Dice, “the Specialty and Trait of each Specialist is unique to them, and can’t be changed.”

“So as an example, we’ve noticed your excitement for a certain Specialist using a Wingsuit to navigate around the battlefield. ThatWingsuit is their specific Specialty and cannot be used by any other Specialist,” Dice continued.

“As for Traits, let’s take a closer look at Falck, equipped with the Combat Surgeon Trait. Combat Surgeon allows Falck to revive allies to full health. This gives her an advantage over players using Squad Revive, which we’re bringing back to Battlefield 2042. Squad Revive takes longer and does not bring players back to full health,” Dice concluded.

With this said, each of the Battlefield 2042 Specialists will have their own Speciality and Trait unique to them and can not be used by other characters.

There is no doubt that plenty of players will be more than excited to see what action they can get into with all of the Battlefield 2042 Specialists and Traits when the next chapter in the storied franchise launches later this year.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists and Traits

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Image Credits: EA / Dice