Are Specialists good for Battlefield 2042? Battlefield community debates

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The Battlefield 2042 Specialists will replace the traditional class system, and fans of the franchise have mixed opinions on this massive change.

Normally, Battlefield would restrict players through the use of classes. When making a loadout, players will choose from one of four classes: Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon. Each class had access to different weapons and equipment.

However, Battlefield 2042 is making a major change to the loadout system. Instead of four classes, players will choose Specialists. Each Specialist has access to every weapon but is separated into one of four classes: Recon, Assault, Support, and Engineer.

Instead of each class having the same gear, Specialists have unique gadgets and equipment. Some players are not happy with this change, while others feel it will make Battlefield 2042 all the better.

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Fans debate Battlefield 2042 Specialists

A post on r/battlefield2042 from user u/WhyWhyBJ sparked a debate amongst the community.

The post outlined why WhyWhyBJ thought Specialists were a good change compared to the traditional classes.

WhyWhyBJ believes that the restriction on traditional classes wouldn’t work on 2042’s larger maps. As well, knowing what gadgets a Specialist has will allow players to make smarter decisions in combat.

They also point out that there is a negative side to Specialists. DICE will have to balance new Specialists to make sure they are all viable. If one specialist is considered the “meta,” then the others won’t be used.

While a number of people agreed with WhyWhyBJ’s points, others aren’t happy with the change. With Specialists having such distinctive looks, players are concerned that everyone will look identical, especially if one or two of the 10 Specialists are seen as meta characters.

Others are worried that future Specialists will be too unrealistic or overpowered compared to ones already in the game.

Some comments outlined the idea of merging both the class system and Specialists. Allow players to pick their class and assign their soldier a Specialist ability. Fans also seem to dislike the restriction of character customization.

But what do you think? Are you a fan of the new Specialists, or would you rather return to the class system? Let us know your thoughts on our Charlie INTEL Facebook Page and Charlie INTEL Twitter Page!

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