Battlefield 2042 Season 1 officially delayed

Liam Mackay
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Battlefield 2042 devs DICE have announced that the Season 1 update has been delayed while they focus on improving “core elements” of the game.

Battlefield 2042 had a particularly rough launch, losing the majority of its player base in a matter of weeks. Performance issues, the bloom mechanic, and the new Specialist system have not gone down well with both new and returning players.

Players have been desperate to see major changes, particularly in the Season 1 update that was expected to go live in March. However, DICE revealed in the latest Battlefield Briefing that they have delayed the Season 1 update.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 delayed

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DICE have announced that they have delayed Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 update to early summer 2022 in order to improve “core elements” of the game.

They explained: “This decision gives us the time to focus on improving the Battlefield 2042 experience while finalizing the development of our seasonal content to ensure that it all reaches our standard for quality.”

Season 1 will “mark the start of a new year,” where they promise to deliver “four Seasons, four new Specialists, and new locations along with more completely new content.”

They acknowledged that “this release is later than anticipated” for those who had paid extra for the Season 1 Pass. As a thank you, these players will receive an exclusive bundle in the next update which contains: “a Specialist skin, weapon and vehicle skins, a melee weapon and Player Card.”

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They are also looking at adding voice communication, a “tighter squad loop including a refined ping system,” “improved reward loop,” and more Battlefield Portal tools.

This next update, scheduled for March, will also bring the Scoreboard redesign that they revealed a couple of weeks back. Be sure to stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for all Battlefield 2042 news and updates.

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Image Credit: DICE / EA