Battlefield 2042 devs explain how progression, cosmetics & Mastery work

Battlefield 2042 operator in kaleidoscope map

Battlefield 2042’s Beta has been officially announced, and alongside this, the DICE dev team has given an in-depth explanation of how the game’s progression and cosmetics will work.

Players love to grind weapons, skins, and more as they play their favorite multiplayer games. Unlocking new cosmetics to show off has become an integral part of the online FPS experience. Along with the Open Beta announcement, Battlefield 2042 devs DICE has revealed what players can expect this year.

As you play Battlefield 2042, you’ll be unlocking new weapons, cosmetics, player card customization, and weapon and vehicle mastery.

Here’s everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042’s progression and customization.

Battlefield 2042 player progression system

Battlefield 2042 ribbons

How to rank up in Battlefield 2042

DICE explained that they want Battlefield 2042’s player progression system to “reward the most XP to players who play the objectives and stick with their teams and squads until the match ends.” Of course, other actions such as getting kills, assists, and “other support actions” will also help you rank up.

They also revealed that Ribbons return in Battlefield 2042, giving players gameplay objectives to complete that boost XP. They explained that these Ribbons will have three tiers, with each granting a greater XP reward.

Here are some examples of Battlefield 2042 Ribbons:

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  • Objective Ribbon – Play the objective
  • Wingman Ribbon – Support teammates with revives and various assists
  • Logistics Ribbon – Heal and resupply others and repair vehicles
  • Intel Ribbon – Spot and disrupt enemies, such as via EMP’s or destroying drones
  • Combat Ribbon – Score kills and destroy vehicles
Boris in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Player Levels

Battlefield 2042 will have players unlocking new Specialists, weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and cosmetics until Level 99. But that’s not the end, however.

Once a player reaches Level 99, they’ll progress to ‘S-levels,’ which allow players to go all the way up to level 999. There aren’t any more rewards to earn, but DICE said that “they are the ultimate way to show off your veterancy on the Battlefield!”

Battlefield 2042 Mastery system

Battlefield 2042 mastery unlocks

Once you start leveling up and earning new weapons and vehicles, you can take it a step further by using Battlefield 2042’s Mastery system. But, DICE describes earning top Mastery rewards as a “monumental task.”

With this system, players can start earning “cosmetics for that hardware such as a new skin, and a new tier of Mastery Badge you acquire to decorate your Player Card and boast about your achievements.”

The top Mastery cosmetics will be distinguished by a black and red color scheme. Design Director Feras Musmar said that “Whenever you see those colors on a player, you’ll immediately understand they are one to be feared.”

Battlefield 2042 Player Card customization

Battlefield 2042 player card

Alongside the Mastery system, players can deck out their Player Card with their achievements across Battlefield 2042.

On their Player Card, Battlefield 2042 players can display:

  • Player Icon and Title
  • Player Card Art (Background)
  • Up to three Mastery badges
  • Player level (or later S-level)

Battlefield 2042 customization and skins

Battlefield 2042 weapon skin

Players can either purchase cosmetic items for their Specialists, weapons, and vehicles or earn them through gameplay.

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Specialist skins come in rarities, with Rare and Epic skins having both a Headgear and a Body component. These can be mixed and matched. But, Legendary skins come as they are, and the components can’t be swapped with another skin.

Here are all of the cosmetic rarities in Battlefield 2042:

  • Common (Grey)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold)

And that’s all the information we have on Battlefield 2042’s progression and cosmetics so far! Once the game officially launches on November 19, we’ll have a complete understanding of how it all works.

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Image Credit: DICE / EA