Battlefield 2042 Plus System: How to change weapon attachments mid-game

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Battlefield 2042 attachment plus system

Battlefield 2042 features a unique new mechanic, the Plus System, that allows players to change their weapon attachments mid-game. Now that Battlefield 2042 is officially here, here’s how to change your attachments on the fly.

Battlefield 2042’s Early Access week is here, allowing players to experience all of the game’s content a week early. The game boasts 128 players on massive maps, a new Specialist Operator system, and the ability to call in vehicles.

On top of all this, Battlefield 2042 features a brand-new Plus System that allows players to switch their weapon attachments on the fly.

Here’s everything you need to know about this unique new system.

What is the Battlefield 2042 Plus System?

Battlefield 2042 M5A3 in plus system attachment screen

Battlefield 2042’s Plus System allows players to change their weapon attachments mid-game. However, it’s also the only way to change weapon attachments in the Beta – you can no longer do it in the deploy screen.

This allows players to continuously change their playstyle during a round. For example, they can switch out a 3x Scope for a Red Dot if they plan on taking a close-range fight.

DICE described the system as “intuitive, easy to use, and best of all FAST,” so players shouldn’t be stuck fiddling with attachments in a firefight.

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How to change weapon attachments in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 plus system in-game

Changing attachments is as simple as holding down the designated button to bring up the Plus Menu, and from here, select alternate attachments from four categories. Once you’ve made your selection, release the button, and your choices will be instantly applied.

How to use Plus System on PC / mouse and keyboard

To use the Plus System on PC, you just need to hold down the “T” key, left-click on the attachment you want to select, and release the “T” key to equip.

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Alternatively, you can bring up the Plus System, then use keybinds to cycle through attachments.

How to use Plus System on Xbox controllers

On Xbox controllers, you bring up the Plus System with LB, then use the directional buttons to select the attachment, then release LB to equip your loadout.

However, (using an Xbox controller on PC) the directional buttons don’t always seem to work. Instead, you need to use the ABXY buttons to cycle attachments. These correspond to the location on the attachment menu, e.g, Y is at the top, so changes the Sight attachment.

Battlefield 2042 K30 SMG plus system in-game

How to use Plus System on PlayStation controllers

PlayStation players just need to hold L1, use the directional buttons to select, then release L1 to equip the attachments.

The same problem may also be on PlayStation, where players need to use Cross, Circle, Triangle, and Square to cycle through the attachments.

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How to change attachments in Battlefield Portal

Battlefield 2042 Portal

To select attachments in Battlefield 2042 Portal, you’ll need to set the attachment in the first slot on the Plus menu.

Battlefield 2042 Portal offers pre-designed playlists featuring Conquest in Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3, as well as Rush in Bad Company 2. However, there’s no Plus System in these playlists, so you can’t change attachments on the fly.

Instead, when editing your loadout, you’ll need to set your attachment choices in the first slot on the Plus menu. After this, your weapon will be kitted out with attachments when you deploy.

And that’s how you use Battlefield 2042’s new Plus System! For more Battlefield guides, you can check out the best PC settings.

Image Credits: DICE / EA

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