Battlefield 2042 Beta leak claims open beta is starting soon

Zackerie Fairfax
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As players anticipate the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta ahead of the game’s launch, a new leak points to a potential start date.

Battlefield 2042 was revealed earlier this year as the largest installment in the franchise. DICE has set the release for October 22, 2021. However, there will also be an Open Beta before then.

With the release of Battlefield 2042 being less than two months away, the Open Beta could be any day now. Players are itching to get a taste of the newest entry in the fan-favorite franchise.

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Streamers will likely be taking part in the upcoming beta, and some may already know when to expect it to drop. According to the massively popular variety streamer Lirik, the Open Beta could possibly start sometime this week.

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Lirik leaks potential Battlefield 2042 Open Beta start date

Reddit user u/AbsoluteGazer posted a clip from Lirik’s stream to r/battlefield2042. At the end of his stream, Lirik gave players hope for Battlefield 2042 gameplay this week.

Lirik stated, “I will see you guys this coming week, hint-hint nudge-nudge, may be able to play some Battlefield 2042.” While DICE hasn’t revealed when the beta will take place, it seems Lirik may know.

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He also stated, “I’m totally down if that actually takes off. If it’s Thursday, I’m going to be so sad. That is going to be on… I have no idea. Maybe it will be this week.”

So, while Lirik closes by stating that he doesn’t know when the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta will be, he does seem to think it will be this week. DICE has confirmed that the beta will be sometime in September 2021.

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For those who pre-ordered Battlefield 2042, they will gain access to the beta early. This means that Lirik could have been referring to early access to the beta.

This means players could expect to see the Open Beta roll out in the next week or two.

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Image Credits: EA / Dice

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