Battlefield 2042 multiplayer details: Modes, maps, Specialists

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Tanks, vehicles, and soldiers in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has officially been revealed, so here’s everything you need to know about the game’s multiplayer, including its modes, maps, and Specialists class system. 

After almost three years without a new title, Battlefield 2042 has finally been revealed. With a near-future setting, Battlefield will continue to do what it does best, crafting massive battles across huge maps, all “brought to life with the power of next-gen.” 

In 2042, there will be no traditional campaign, with the story evolving through the multiplayer. Following the “greatest refugee crisis in human history,” you will play as a stateless refugee, called ‘No Pats’ or ‘Specialists.’ 

Here’s everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042’s multiplayer, including the modes, maps, and Specialist class system. 

Battlefield 2042 multiplayer modes 

Battlefield 2042 character with tank

DICE have confirmed three different multiplayer experiences targeted for launch. There will be All Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and a third mode built by DICE LA that will be unveiled on July 22 at EA Play. 

All Out Warfare is your standard Battlefield multiplayer, with Conquest and Breakthrough returning. Hazard Zone is an “all-new high stakes gametype” with a “strong focus on really tight squad play.” 

The developers were excited to share that All Out Warfare can be played against AI so you can get to grips with the game and “play at your own pace, kind of feel like your own hero.” 

The final mode, which will be revealed on July 22, is described as a “Love letter to BF fans and aimed at long time fans of the franchise.”

DICE made sure to confirm that none of these upcoming modes are a battle royale. They said that a BR is “something we’ll have to see down the line. Within the launch scope, we do not have that intention there.”

As for crossplay, DICE have confirmed that they will be speaking more about this closer to launch. 

Battlefield 2042 multiplayer maps

There will be seven multiplayer maps at launch taking place in various locations around the world such as South America, Antarctica, and Asia. 

Described as “massive” and “unlike anything we’ve ever built before,” these maps will feature dynamic weather, levolution, and unique gameplay elements. 

For the PC and new consoles, these maps will feature 128 players which is a huge jump from the standard 32v32 maps Battlefield has had in the past. However, PS4 and Xbox One users will be limited to 64 players with “Maps tailored to smaller scale to ensure epic battles.” The gameplay and mid-match events will all be the same, though. 


Kaleidoscope is set in a South Korean city, and it’s slightly bigger than BFV’s Rotterdam. It features enterable skyscrapers, ziplines, water combat, and ‘roaming twisters.’ 

Battlefield 2042's Kaleidoscope map


Manifest, one of the game’s larger maps, has players duking it out in a container yard in Singapore. As the match progresses, cranes will pick up and move containers, likely changing the map’s layout. 


Orbital is a medium-sized map featuring a rocket launch site in French Guiana on the South American coast. This is one of the maps to feature levolution, with the rocket taking off mid-match but “doesn’t always go as planned.” 

Battlefield 2042's Orbital map


Set in India, Renewal will offer two unique gameplay experiences. A massive wall splits the map in two, with a lush area on one side and a barren desert on the other. 


Discarded is another map set in set in India following a drought. There will be a massive ship called ‘Colossus’ that hides a submarine inside, and it’s roughly four times the size of Noshahr Canals. 


Breakaway is the “biggest map in 2042,” which likely makes it the biggest Battlefield map ever. This massive map will have players fighting on a mountainside in Antarctica. 


Taking place in a ‘city lost in sand,’ Hourglass is a particularly large map, being much bigger than BFV’s Hamada. A sandstorm passes through the map that will engulf the cityscape and stadium. 

Battlefield 2042's Hourglass map


Instead of Battlefield’s traditional class system, you will play as a Specialist in Battlefield 2042. 

Dice confirmed that there will be 10 Specialists at launch, with four new Specialists being added as part of each season’s Battle Pass. 

Pytor "Boris" Guskovsky in Battlefield 2042

For the most part, these Specialists take on the traditional roles of Battlefield’s classes. Each Specialist class comes with “an exclusive gadget or trait that defines their playstyle,” but you can “freely choose what weapon, grenade, or secondary gadget to use.”

Responding to an interview question, DICE confirmed that “You don’t choose your specialist based on the primary weapon. You choose based on your desired role.”

Casper Specialist in Battlefield 2042

DICE have given some details about the first four Specialist classes. 

  • Assault: Utilizes a Grappling hook and has increased agility when aiming down sight. 
  • Support: Uses a ‘support pistol’ to Revive and heal teammates from afar.
  • Engineer: Deploys a turret that auto engages enemies and vehicles. The Engineers can stand near turret to boost efficiency, but it can also be EMP’d. 
  • Recon: Has a Drone that reveals enemy positions and disrupts electronics which can either be manually piloted or left on autopilot. The Recon Specialist also has EMP darts and a Movement Sensor as their exclusive trait.

The third, secret mode will be officially revealed at EA Play on July 22, with the reveal for the new Hazard Zone mode happening ahead of launch. 

There will also be an Open Beta pre-launch, with those who have preordered the game getting early access. 

Image Credit: EA / DICE

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