Battlefield 2042 devs respond after players slam Santa Claus Holiday skin

Hamza Khalid
Santa Claus in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 players weren’t too happy when DICE added a Santa Claus Holiday-themed skin to the game, and now the developers have responded to the criticism.

There is a plethora of fun content in Battlefield 2042, and the developers decided to get players into the holiday spirit by adding a Santa Claus skin to the game. However, this cosmetic was heavily criticized.

Many fans roasted the skin, stating that it was too “goofy” and didn’t fit the serious tone of Battlefield. This led to a response from the developers, who explained their decision to create this skin.

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Battlefield 2042 player in hazard zone

Various Battlefield 2042 players stated that the Santa Claus Holiday-themed skin doesn’t suit the tone of the game. Some felt that a cosmetic like this belongs in a light-hearted title like Fortnite.

The Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account responded by letting players know that they didn’t plan to reveal the Holiday-themed cosmetics and then clarified their actual purpose in the game.

They made it clear that while they designed these cosmetic skins, they “presently have no plans to utilize all of them this Holiday.” Instead, they were mostly meant for a “single-time use” in Portal modes.

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“Throughout our live service, you may occasionally encounter these mode locked cosmetics, which don’t impact the rest of the game,” they tweeted. Meaning that some of these are just special cosmetics that aren’t meant to represent the overall tone of the game.

There were a variety of different reactions from players in the replies. Some of them expressed their relief that these types of skins are not going to be the norm in Battlefield 2042, while others labelled this response as “damage control.”

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“Not a chance in hell,” replied one user. “You think they’d tease holiday skins, before the holidays, without intending to use them before the backlash?” This was a sentiment shared by quite a few repliers.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether or not the Santa Claus skin will still be a part of the game after the criticism it received from fans. The developers might have some surprises planned for the Holiday season.

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Image credits: DICE

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