Battlefield 2042 devs make fun of themselves with new cosmetic in Season 2

Liam Mackay
Cargo ship in Battlefield 2042 stranded map

The Battlefield 2042 community has been extremely critical of the game, especially in its map design. However, the devs aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves, including a new charm around a common complaint in the Season 2 update.

While Battlefield 2042 got off to an especially buggy start, map design was a common complaint amongst the community. They didn’t like how open and large the maps were, and it didn’t take long to notice a trend — shipping containers.

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Shipping containers can be found in almost every Battlefield 2042 map and almost the entirety of Manifest is made up of them. The player base has been memeing it since launch, so DICE joined in on the fun by adding a new charm with the Season 2 update.

There have been a ton of jokes surrounding Battlefield 2042’s shipping containers, and a new wave came in when Season 2’s Stranded map was announced. With the action taking place around a crashed cargo ship, the middle is entirely filled with shipping containers.

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One player joked that it should be called “Containerfield 2042, because there are 2042 containers in each map.”

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DICE have heard the complaints loud and clear and poked fun at themselves by adding a new weapon charm in the Season 2 Battle Pass. The “Supply & Command” Shipping Container Weapon charm can be unlocked at Tier 86 for free in the Battle Pass so you can add even more containers to Battlefield 2042’s maps.

DICE’s Community Manager Kevin ‘T0TALfps’ Johnson tweeted out the weapon charm, saying that “We heard you liked Shipping Containers in Battlefield 2042, so we put one on a keychain!! Now you can take your “Supply & Command” Shipping Container Weapon Charm ANYWHERE!!”

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Players took the joke in the spirit it was meant, with Reddit user ElmerLeo saying that DICE getting in on the joke is a “positive and funny thing.”

“Shipping containers are gonna be a battlefield thing now huh,” said KARMA-MC. “Embrace the meme [I guess].”

Alongside the new Weapon Charm, Battlefield 2042 players can also unlock the new weapons and the new Charlie Crawford Specialist in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Image Credit: DICE / EA

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