Battlefield 2042 dev responds to players furious with Portal weapons’ lack of customization

battlefield 2042 weapon attachments

Battlefield 2042 players are expressing discontent with the Portal weapons missing attachments and cosmetics, causing the devs to respond.

Battlefield 2042 has brought new content to the game, including Charlie Crawford and new weapons, including the M16A3 and M60 from BF3 which have been implemented into All Out Warfare from the Portal mode.

After the initial excitement surrounding the return of BF3 weapons in Battlefield 2042, players are now expressing disappointment with the lack of customization for the weapons.

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This has ultimately led to a dev’s response, explaining why they decided that Portal weapons would have no unlockable or purchasable cosmetics or attachments.

Reddit user Butteryourreality put a post up in the Battlefield 2042 subreddit expressing disappointment with the M16’s lack of attachments and skins, “just got the M16. You telling me that there’s no attachments or skins to unlock for it? wtf dice.”

DICE quickly responded, as the Battlefield community manager Straatford87 gave an explanation for why the Portal weapons have a lack of features in the comments.

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The community manager says the devs decided that none of the Vault Weapons that are brought in from Battlefield Portal will have “unlockable, or purchasable Cosmetics, and will not feature Mastery Appearances.”

Ultimately, this is because DICE want to “maintain their default looks, and increase the speed at which (DICE) can add new Vault Weapons in the future updates.”

Although it may be disappointing for players, the dev explains that this allows them to “stay focused on their gameplay balance.”

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We expect more Battlefield Portal weapons to enter the All Out Warfare mode for Battlefield 2042 in the future, with the community manager also revealing some of the weapons to expect: “P90, the AKS-74u, and the M98B.”

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Image Credits: DICE